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What Sports Do Floridians Gamble On The Most?


Sports betting in Florida have created a buzz not just for the locals but for some legislators. And while it may seem like people wager on their favorite local team, “there is actual science and method to sports betting”, as Shaun from betandbeat told us.

Let’s review what sports do Floridians prefer to punt their hard-earned dollars on!

American Football

Many Americans have found solace in football. If you ask any of them, they will always say that American Football is in the hearts of everyone. That’s why the Super Bowl has been one of the most famous events in the country. It has been part of their culture and tradition, and if they don’t play, they are watching. And, Floridians are no exemption.

The state has one of the craziest football fans in the country. Thus, betting and supporting their favorite team is already a given fact. As compiled by 1KeyData, three professional football teams are from Florida:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Miami Dolphins
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Among these teams, the Dolphins is the most famous one. It’s the oldest team in the place. Thus, its rich history has been engraved in people’s minds. They have also established a great fan base.


In any part of the world, this sport makes many fans go wild. It is considered to be the most played and watched sport globally. So, it is needless to say that basketball is also one of the sports where Floridians gamble on the most. Well, who won’t place their bets if they have two of the most famous teams in the pro league.

Shaun from betandbeat explained, “Florida is the home for two of the most famous teams in the NBA with the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. The Heat already has three championships in their belt and became a home for some basketball legends. Among them are Dwane Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh.”

Meanwhile, Orlando Magic has won six conference and division titles in the history of the NBA. But, this does not stop Floridians from rooting for the team in getting their first championship title.

If you think that soccer is only famous in Europe, well, then you’re wrong. Floridians, specifically, also love to bet on their favorite soccer clubs. There are few clubs in the state like Orlando City SC and Inter Miami CF Cranes.

Orlando City SC was founded in 2013 and started to debut in a major league in 2015. Though they have yet to win a championship in MLS, they have surely won the hearts of their fans. They are still considered a young team, but their great determination brings them to various championship matches.

Orlando City SC has become the beacon of hope for the Floridians soccer fans. Meanwhile, there are also many collegiate and high school soccer teams in Florida. Most schools in the state have their club. Thus, it is indeed a great place to become a soccer fan.


Another sport that has a great buzz for the Floridians is baseball. It is a famous sport in the country. Also, most parents opted to have their children participate in the sport. But, not just that, baseball fans have also found a way to show support: betting. In Florida, two major league baseball teams reside, Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays.

The Florida Marlins is a favorite team in the state after winning two world championship series in 1997 and 2003. And, until now, they are still striving to bring back the third championship for Florida. Meanwhile, from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to Tampa Bay Rays, the team has continuously exuded sunshine for baseball fans.

Tampa Bay Rays have won two Al Pennants and three East Division titles in 2009, 2010, and 2020. They are yet to win a world series championship.

Ice Hockey

Despite being considered a sunny state, Florida has no problems with training and supporting ice hockey teams. Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers are two major ice hockey teams that reside in the state.

Tampa Bay Lightning is quite famous in the major leagues as they have already won two Stanley Cups. One of their championship wins only happened last year, and they are looking to defend it this year. Bay Lightning is also home to famous ice hockey players like Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier.

Meanwhile, the Florida Panthers have yet to win a prestigious title. But, they have one and two conference and division championships, respectively, in their belt. The Panthers have produced two of the greatest ice hockey players, Scott Mellanby and Olli Jokinen.

So, if you’re looking to bet on one of these teams, you surely have a fair chance of winning. Betting can be seen as a sign of support in the team. Just remember to gamble responsibly.