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What Makes a Good Business Manager? Seasoned Business Pro Ryan Kurkut Weighs In


As a business owner, Ryan Kurkut is experienced in business management. He believes that logic and emotional intelligence are essential for good management skills. 

Are Great Managers Born or Made? 

Some people seem to be born with inherent people skills. Others may struggle to interact with their peers or assert their authority. Some people may be born with skills that make management easier for them. However, management involves skills that can be learned and improved over time. 


Teamwork can mean many things, so it’s important to understand its role in management, according to Ryan Kurkut. Managers have different responsibilities than the employees they oversee. However, they need to pitch in with daily tasks, just like other team members. 

Good managers delegate fairly, without avoiding hard work themselves. It’s also a great idea to involve employees in the decision-making process. According to Kimble’s Boss Barometer Report, 74% of Americans prefer a collaborative environment where they have little say in decisions. 


Coaching is also important for good management. Instead of focusing solely on the job, they should also consider the employee. Coaching aims to improve the employee’s performance by empowering and supporting them when needed. 

Be Positive 

Positivity is infectious. The reverse is also true. When a manager chooses to be positive, they will also allow those around them to be more positive.  Happiness has a direct impact on productivity. Happy workers are 12% more productive than those with a low mood at work. Positivity is one way to increase the happiness of your employees. Set a good positive example, and take steps to make the workplace enjoyable and fun. 

Respect and Fairness 

Ryan Kurkut states that respect and fairness are essential characteristics of a good manager. Employees will perform well when they feel that they are treated fairly. 

They will be more likely to speak up with ideas or concerns if they feel respected. This helps create a collaborative and positive work environment. 

Recognition and Appreciation 

Recognition and appreciation are keys to employee satisfaction. This improves performance and employee retention. 

Great managers know how to show appreciation and recognize when an employee goes above and beyond. 

You may want to consider a formal recognition program that offers rewards. However, simple verbal praise should never be underestimated. 

Bond with the Team 

The team that plays together performs well together. Bonding with team members can have a positive effect. It can also be combined with recognition. 

Celebrations for teams reaching milestones are a great way to boost morale and motivate employees. 

Communicate Expectations and Responsibilities

Communicating expectations and responsibilities is an important aspect of good management. Employees can’t meet expectations if they aren’t aware of what they are. 

Don’t assume that each employee understands their responsibilities. Communicate them. If they change, be sure to express this as well. 

Ryan Kurkut 

Ryan Kurkut is a native of Edmonton, Canada. He attended MacEwan University, where he obtained his business degree. Today, he owns his own business.


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