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What is cloud-based NEMT dispatch software?

Nowadays, the cloud is an integral part of technology solutions. It has changed the way people store, exchange and share information. Cloud-based NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transport) dispatch software is a robust tool that can help your enterprise become bigger, more agile and tailored to user preferences.

Top-notch software like RouteGenie maximizes efficiency, improves reliability and optimizes routes. It takes into account the needs and demands of every customer thereby providing high-quality transportation services. 

Keeping your data in the cloud is definitely far more beneficial than on a hard drive. You can easily share information stored in the cloud without being restricted by your physical location. Dispatching trips, scheduling passengers, monitoring drivers and tracking vehicles can be performed in real-time.

It’s now possible to retrieve data and communicate with drivers and passengers anytime through internet-connected devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. Cloud servers are regularly backed up and monitored to ensure the safekeeping of the stored information. Indeed, cloud NEMT dispatch software can simplify medical transportation operations, by automatically performing the following:


Through automated functions, NEMT routing software can help your staff members complete a number of assigned tasks simultaneously, and reduce the mistakes associated with manual processing. Dispatchers can communicate with drivers and notify them about any changes added to the trip. What is more, the software rationally calculates and uses the time to enable the driver to complete the maximum amount of orders. 


Cloud-based NEMT software helps its users to create optimized schedules and routes, make changes to the trips, handle mechanical breakages and no-shows. A modern software tool focuses on flexibility, accessibility and functionality, thereby providing a high level of transportation services and a positive passenger experience.


Automated billing brings a lot of benefits to your business, in particular, balanced cash flow as a means of securing the company’s financial position. Billing plays a crucial role in the entire working process since it makes sure your non-emergency medical transportation company receives timely payments for the provided services. Powerful software enables its users to track all bills and receipts, automatically invoice clients, maintain inventory and accounting. 


A robust NEMT solution brings your company to a new high level, by providing access to the most important operations via an easy-to-use digital interface. It transforms the way you operate your business, fosters better teamwork, speeds up the entire workflow, and increases revenue. Moreover, the program makes sure the orders are completed on time, significantly improving your work performance. 

NEMT providers used to handle dispatching and scheduling tasks manually, often resulting in errors and serious mistakes. Technological advances are transforming the way providers run their businesses.

In the digital age, professional cloud-based software solutions like https://routegenie.com/nemt-dispatch-software/ ensure top-notch non-emergency medical transportation services for customers, significantly simplifying the work of providers and drivers. It is now possible to store the most crucial and confidential data in the cloud, and access it anytime, anywhere, provided there’s a good internet connection.