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What Did Gov. Rick Scott Do With Mysterious $120 Million In Cash?

Official Portrait (cropped) (Photo Credit Meredyth Hope Hall)

When newspapers across Florida reported recently that Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth jumped $83 million in 2017, what got missed or downplayed was that Scott also pocketed an astounding $120 million in unexplained outside income.

What did Republican Scott do with that $120 million? What was the ultimate source of all that money? The financial disclosure form the governor filed June 29th doesn’t say, his office and U.S. Senate campaign won’t talk about it and newspapers apparently didn’t ask many questions.

Scott declared the $120 million simply as income from his controversial blind trust. Under Florida’s flaccid qualified blind trust law that’s all he was required to say.

“Was it bribes? Was he dealing drugs? Does he own medical marijuana dispensaries? We don’t know,” said Tallahassee attorney Don Hinkle, who is suing Scott for failing to comply with a constitutional requirement that he fully disclose his financial interests.

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