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What! Crocs Has Turned Its Shoe Into a $300 Bag (Video)


If you want to recycle your Crocs, this company had a brilliant idea, but it doesn’t come cheap. Keri Lumm reports.

In what has been an unexpected move, PizzaSlime and Crocs have collaborated together to create two crossbody bags made from a pair of Crocs.

The recognizable silhouette of the Croc Moc has been turned into a bag with a zipper closer in the place of where one would normally put their foot in. The foam Moc also sports an adjustable belt-strap that has PizzaSlime woven branding. Both the black and yellow pair feature 7 of Crocs’ custom Jibbitz pieces that playfully center around PizzaSlime.

The unique bag is hand made and limited to 25 pieces each color. The collab is now being sold at a price of $300 USD, and is available now via the PizzaSlime web store.

This Is Insider, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 6, 2019

Video by Buzz60/Keri Lumm