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What Careers To Consider When You Like To Travel


If your greatest desire is adventuring far-off places, then getting stuck behind a desk may not be your favorite career consideration. A lot of people feel that working in an office throughout the day can be stressful. The only time we get is two weeks off to go on vacations or trips. But it’s not enough time to allow us to re-energize. Most of the time, we’re putting in the work, hoping that one day we’ll get an opportunity to explore foreign places to learn about new cultures.

But why work in a career that only allows you to travel two times a year when you can consider a job that gives you the freedom to travel the world? Get a job that includes travel as one of the duties. In the process, you’ll be earning money as you travel to your dream places.

Thanks to COVID-19, many people have been working from home or remotely, and the trend might continue. But most of the travel jobs are not just about working remotely or from home. You can choose jobs that allow you to travel around the world.

We have a list of jobs that include travel as part of the job’s duties. Keep reading this post to learn more about these jobs:

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  1. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is one of the careers that would allow you to travel to various destinations. First, you start in the United States before you’re allowed to operate longer flights to different parts of the world such as Canada, Japan, and Southeast Asia, and more. You’ll earn a good income performing your duties, but also get an opportunity to explore different destinations of the world.

What are the requirements for being a flight attendant? Various airlines look for different requirements, but most of them emphasize the ability to reach overhead bins and stand for a long time during flights. You’ll stand a better chance if you’ve served a customer-service role before.

Some of the skills most airlines look for in interested candidates include mastery of foreign languages, CPR training, and more. These jobs can be found on various airlines’ websites. It’s important to consider an airline that makes many flights from your home airport to cut down on the community time during flight hours.

  1. Cruise Ship Crew

Cruise ship jobs are popular careers that require you to travel to various parts of the world. Working on a cruise ship enables you to earn money, explore the world, learn about new cultures, and free accommodation on the ship.

There are various opportunities for people from all backgrounds. You can work in customer service roles such as technicians, waiters, cashiers, or even perform in the ship’s theatre act roles.

While it seems like cruise ship work is the easiest job for individuals who love to travel, it requires working for long hours during travels. Cruise job postings are available, along with useful information such as whether it’s the right career for you and the expectations required.

As cruise ships depart, they head to various popular destinations across the globe, including Hawaii and New York, and on top, you’re allowed to explore various cities along the ship’s route.

  1. Nursing Travel jobs

Being a travel nurse provides you the opportunity to combine the passion for healthcare with your desire to explore different places around the globe. There are various travel nursing careers across the United States. Besides, you’ll find these roles across destinations such as Australia, Europe, Middle East, etc.

Before you hop into a travel nursing job, it’s important to know where you can go and how much you’re likely to earn. These jobs can be found through various agencies in their respective home countries. First, you have to undergo licensing before you can work as a nurse in the US. Any other requirements must be met for legibility to work as an International nurse in any country of your choice. A little research would come in handy for interested individuals to learn various guidelines.

Some of the countries with a huge demand for travel nurses include Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Middle East. Moreover, areas prone to numerous natural disasters have a high demand for travel nurses.

  1. Travel Agent

Many people have been making online bookings of their flights and vacation packages for many years now. This led to the decline of the travel agency industry. However, because of its popularity and expertise, it came back in recent years.

Since various travel websites provide feedback and reviews, it’s difficult to make a difference between seasoned travelers and short-term travelers. However, travel agencies provide accurate information to clients regarding a certain hotel or location.

Working as a travel agent requires you to be an experienced traveler to various parts of the world. This allows you to tell if a certain place is a good fit for clients looking for great vacation spots.

You can operate as a home-based travel agent, even without certification or license, but there are states which require you to complete registration. This position gives more precedence to skills and experience rather than education, making it one of the top travel jobs. Some of the skills required for this position include; attention to avoid booking mistakes and great communication skills to allow you to easily meet clients’ needs.

  1. Customer Service Agent

With various companies going online and customer service being a priority, they need customer service agents to help them handle customer service-related problems. The role of customer service agents includes; providing high-quality services to customers and addressing various issues to increase customer satisfaction.

This position requires you to be friendly and showcase high-levels of level-headedness since you will be tasked with dealing with frustrated customers. Also, you should be able to solve their problems to satisfaction through a resolution process. Customer service agents require skills such as fast typing, top listening skills, calm demeanor. You’ll also need a stable internet connection.

Your dream travel job is not far away from reach. First, start by assessing the skills you possess to find the perfect job to suit you. However, whatever position you choose, just make sure you can meet the travel demands required for the job.

Working in a career that allows you to travel gives you the freedom to explore different parts of the world while earning lots of money. Besides, it’s the perfect way to build on your career and chase your other passions.