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What Are The Types Of Cleaning Services In Florida?

There are many different types of cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. A cleaning service can work on weekends or other times when there are fewer or no customers.

Cleaning services can do the things that the average person cannot because they do not have the supplies or the available crew to help. Here are some cleaning services to consider for your home or business.

High-Level Dust Removal

Have you ever looked up and wondered how you got so much dust on your pipes, ductwork, ledges, girders, and beams? Maybe you’ve even thought about what an awkward tool or position one must be in in order to get up that high and to get all that dust down. Hard-to-access areas such as pipes and ducts can accumulate dust and contaminants due to their being very difficult to clean.

But professional cleaners can guarantee effective removal of dust and debris using industrial-strength vacuums that can pull over 30 pounds of pressure per inch, and reach hard-to-access areas using specialized tools including:

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  • Advanced wireless camera systems to see around hard-to-reach areas
  • Poles with brushes

Disinfecting Services

It’s important to note the difference between cleaning services versus disinfection services. Disinfection is specifically intended to kill contaminants such as viruses and bacteria on surfaces and objects. The CDC and the EPA have created a list of appropriate disinfection chemicals that can be used on different types of surfaces. They also outline how long the chemical needs to remain on the surface in order to kill viruses. Cleaning, however, may need to occur before applying a disinfectant. A cleaning clears away the area to get to the surface that needs to be disinfected.

Pressure Wash

It’s great to have a backyard with a stone outdoor patio and lush green palms hanging over it. It’s the ideal look in South Florida. But South Florida gets very wet and this often leads to algae, mold, or other staining from the vegetation growing around it. Pressure washing clears the dark stains that accumulate on porches and decks so that you can enjoy a brighter, cleaner backyard.

Window Cleaning

If you look at your windows and they’re cloudy or discolored in the corners, then it may be a good time to consider window cleaning services. That discoloration could be dirt, mold, or debris from living so close to the ocean. Over time it can make your windows cloudy, prevent light from coming through and make your home or business look unattractive.

If you don’t clean your windows at least every six months, then you are bound to notice it accumulate. If you are located near a construction site then you may notice a higher accumulation of dust in the corners of your windowpane. Professional cleaning services in Miami have the right equipment to safely clean your windows so you can have a clearer view outside.

Junk Removal

It’s understandable that you want to have a clean image and to always make a good impression. But depending on what you do you will need professional disposal services or trash haulage.

If you are renovating, then you are the type of business or homeowner that really needs garbage removal by experts who know how to properly handle dangerous, heavy, and hazardous materials.