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What Are the Most Common Pests in South Florida and How to Get Rid of Them


What is your most effective trick for keeping your home pest-free? The fight against pests can drain you physically, emotionally, and financially. Unfortunately, turning a blind eye increases your vulnerability to infection, sleep disturbance, and structural damage.

You can use simple home remedies to get rid of pests and maintain a pest-free home. If you’re unable to get rid of pests in your house or backyard, you should turn to a professional like Terminix in South Florida for assistance


An ant falls in the order Hymenoptera alongside wasps and bees and has a three-part segmented body with three pairs of legs. If ants invade your home, they can contaminate food preparation areas and pet bowl areas.  Keep ants away from your house by clearing bushes within your house’s proximity, securing pet food, food items, remnants, and seal openings on the walls, doors, and windows. If you cannot get rid of ants, hire a pest control team for immediate and permanent removal from your home.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are resilient and very good at hiding in your clothes, furniture, car, and office. A bed bug has mouthparts adapted and designed to pierce your skin and draw blood. When you go to bed, a bed bug responds to your carbon dioxide’s emission and warmth to trace an appropriate feeding point and inject saliva rich in anticoagulant properties. Look out for brown and black stains on nonporous surfaces and bitemarks that develop into red welts. If you find bed bugs, disassemble and clean the bed, bedroom, clothing, bed stands, and crevices.

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A spider can be large, tiny, hairy, or smooth. Empty spaces in its body are filled with blood keeping it stiff and able to move. On occasion, a spider sheds its exoskeleton to create more room for a newer and larger one. Spider webs in and around the house are common visible signs of spider infestation that require immediate removal. Protect your home from spiders by sealing cracks and eliminating clusters in the garage, attic, and closets to minimize hiding points. In case of recurrent infestation, seek professional spider control services for permanent removal.


A cockroach can survive in friendly and harsh environments. Most roaches hide and feed in numbers during the day and night, respectively but aren’t classified as social insects. A roach’s diet mainly comprises decaying foods, snacks, starchy and greasy foods. These opportunistic omnivores can also eat boots, pet food, paper, book bindings, leather, cloth, glue, and weaker cockroaches. You should maintain a healthy and clean environment and fix your pipes to limit the roach’s food and water supply.


You deserve to enjoy quality time in and out of your home during the day and night. Mosquitoes are quick to develop resilience and resistance to common anti-mosquito products like citronella candles and DEET spray. Protect your household and visitors from mosquitoes by clearing bushes and draining stagnant water. In future outdoor events, use mosquito machines and screen enclosures to repel mosquitoes carrying infectious diseases. 


A flea is adapted to suck blood from a host’s body. It has powerful legs for propulsion to jump approximately 14 inches horizontally and 7 inches vertically. If left unchecked, fleas can grow in numbers within a short time, as each female can lay more than 500 eggs in a couple of months. In case of a flea infestation, your pets scratch more than usual, your skin gets visible and itchy bite marks, and visible flea dirt markings on your clothes and beddings. Vacuum and clean your house, bedding, clothes, and pets to get rid of fleas and eggs in time.


Rats and mice are destructive and may damage your items within a very brief period. If rodents raid your home, you’re likely to meet some of the culprits moving around in and around the house, chewing on your clothes, utensils, shoes, household supplies, beddings, and electrical wires.

Rodents can transmit diseases through contaminated water, food, bite wounds, and air contamination, while some infections pass through mites, ticks, and fleas. Chewing on electrical wires increases your home’s vulnerability to structure fire and unplanned power outages. Keep your home clean and seal possible entry points to keep off rodents.

In the right environment, pests can reproduce and multiply fast within a very brief time. You can get rid of most pests through simple DIY tricks and store-bought products to keep your home pest-free. It’s best to kill pests regularly to kill young eggs before hatching and eradicate adults. In case simple home remedies fail, hire a top pest control services provider in South Florida for the best experience and long-term results.