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What Are The Best Tourist Attractions In Tulum, Mexico?

Ancient Tulum ruins

If you are an inveterate adventurer or a vacationer of tropical sites, simply put, you will be interested in imparting a trip through the wonderful coast, called Tulum. Known for influencing tourists, a historical feeling in its Mayan and Toltec roots, which are observed in every place of this territory.

In addition, Tulum according to historians, this coast was characterized by supplying a point of trade, in terms of food, cotton, and cocoa beans, among other indispensable products during the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Currently, its main economic engine is tourism, thanks to its abundant mangroves, beaches, reefs and especially its cenotes.

So, if you want to know even more about the tourist contribution that Tulum offers, do not stop reading this post, because here we present the best places highlighted by their recreational and historical characteristics. Of course, don’t forget that foreign tourists wishing to visit the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico must pay a tourist tax called Visitax.

Experience the curiosities of Tulum’s Archaeological Zone

Faith Based Events

The Tulum territory projects a space full of history, specially dedicated to those adventurous and curious about the mysteries of the Mayan culture. Because of this, the town of Tulum prepares for its faithful visitors an archaeological site, located in front of the Riviera Maya.

The Archaeological Zone in Tulum is divided into buildings, temples and ruins, which are places that amaze the eye with their beauty, so that produce the need for stunning photographs.

Among the buildings, there is “El Castillo”, which functioned as an astronomical observatory and at the same time as a lighthouse to safeguard the Mayan ships centuries ago. In addition, another interesting point of this construction is the distant view of the Great Reef that Tulum offers a few meters away.

Finally, this archaeological zone immerses its visitors in stories and religious inspirations, since the Temple of the Descending God will enchant us with its walled appearance, and at the same time with narrations about a being descending from heaven, praised by its most faithful Mayan followers.

Likewise, the Temple of the Frescoes, is characterized by amazing artistic representations of ancestral beings in the Mayan culture.

Take advantage of Tulum National Park

As expected, the town of Tulum offers a diversity of marine and terrestrial fauna, thanks to the Caribbean Sea and the jungle of Quintana Roo. Therefore, this natural attraction can be explored through the Tulum National Park, which covers a huge space in the coastal area, from the municipal head of the town to the end of the Casa Cenote.

This nature-filled center includes beaches and forests, being environments of great relevance in biodiversity. In addition, you will discover a fauna reserve with species at risk of extinction, which will be preserved by good specialists. Some of these animals are loggerheads, blind seals and white turtles.

Take a tour of the Sian Ka’an Reserve

UNESCO since 1987, enacted in the territory of Tulum, the Sian Ka ́ a Reserve, to be established as a World Heritage Site. In addition, it will be characterized as the best natural reserve in Latin America.

For this reason, the Sian Ka’an Reserve fulfills its purpose of being part of humanity, for its rich biodiversity, which is automatically contemplated just by entering its land.

This area has a unique preserved mangrove swamp, which guarantees the continuity of the fauna, specifically big cats, monkeys, manatees and beautiful birds. Also, care is taken to protect the flora in this area. Because of these characteristics, tourists explore this reserve through a normative and regulatory tour, in order to ensure the safety of this environment.

Explore the incredible views of the Cenotes of Tulum

Before talking about the incredible varieties of Cenotes in the municipality of Tulum in Mexico. We must define what they consist of. Basically, Cenotes are described as huge wells, almost like a cave in the depths. They are characterized by having aquatic bodies, formed by the wearing away of limestone rocks.

The interesting thing about the Cenotes in Tulum is what the Mayas talk about. They expressed the relationship of these deep wells as entrances to a world of death or a door to the underworld. This is how these places are adorned with diverse mythological and cultural characteristics.

Now, in Tulum, a system of Cenotes is integrated. In the first place, Cenote Dos Ojos, is recognized for its depth extension, between 50 to 60 km long, which guarantees an adrenaline experience for divers and explorers of underwater caves.

On the other hand, Cenote Cristal, Cenote Escondido and the popular Cenote Calavera stand out, due to the cold and dark atmosphere that shivers, just by entering its aquatic cavity. However, we cannot forget to mention Gran Cenote and Casa Cenote, which are the main attractions for tourists, due to their proximity to the coast and the beauty of their stalactites and stalagmites.

Stroll through Playa Paraíso and the renowned Xel-Há Water Park

Tulum being a coast, promotes the presence of beaches for those visitors, therefore, among them, in this post, we will tell you about the white sand and warm water that brings Paradise Beach.

Known for being located in the main head of Tulum, it opts for a close location for the rustic hotels that manage the popular coast. Besides, this place has the best entertainment services and high-quality gastronomic attention.

However, if you are not a beach lover and prefer extreme fun with a pool included. You can go to Xel-Ha Water Park, where the entertainment with attractions and ecological guides in this space will be great for the whole family.

Some of its attractions consist of huge slides with high floors, boat rides in subway rivers and snorkeling activities, as an extreme sport in the region. Although, on land, you will be able to tour the park’s surroundings by bicycle or explore the nearby caverns.

The amazing Coba Ruins

Another archaeological zone of the beloved town of Tulum, in Mexico, are the Coba Ruins, which offer some characteristic pyramids, common in the country. It will incorporate a lot of Mayan history around each building that houses the ruin, for that reason, it is listed as one of the areas with the most tourists.