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Ways You Can Order a Copy of Your Birth Certificate

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Birth certificates are important documents normally required for reasons that could be as simple as proof of your identity. If you’re not sure where yours is or if it got lost,  you should know how to acquire a copy.

In the state of Florida, there are a number of ways that you are able to procure one. Although in spite of being independent of each other, every other state in the United States may have similar means of acquiring a copy of a birth certificate. Florida has three ways.


If you are an old school person who does not want to order your Florida birth certificate online, this is the most obvious choice among the options that you currently have.

Obviously, you need to be eligible to get one, and in Florida, you are if you meet at least one the following:

  • Be the person named in the certificate
  • Of legal age
  • Have a court order
  • Be the parent, guardian, or legal representative of the individual whose name is reflected on the certificate

Once you pass any of those, you can proceed to get your documentation which means, you must have completed an application form along with an official photo ID which could be a copy of your driver’s license, your passport, or your work ID.

However, if you are only representing someone else, you will need your ID and legal documentation, such as a court order.

Once all that is done, you need to have your payment ready and apply at the Bureau of Vital Statistics and wait until your copy is delivered to you.


Yes, you can order your birth certificate in Florida by mail,  and the requirements will be the same. The only difference is you will need to have the payment sent, and it could be either through a personal check or a money order.

Of course, you will be including this in the mail that you will send to:

Bureau of Vital Statistics,

Attn: Vital Records Section,

P.O. Box 210,

Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042.

Expected delivery time is no more than five days.


This has to be the most convenient of all three. The process is the same. Although, if you are ordering for someone else, you need to have copies of your social security number or card. Also, the form is completed online, and payment will be through a credit or debit card which makes it all the more convenient.

Compared to the other two options, however, ordering your birth certificate online is quicker. In addition, it helps minimize the chances of mistakes during the application process.

Do not forget, however, to take note of your confirmation number. You may need this to keep track of your order’s status.


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