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Watch Nicolette Take Over This Review Of The Fastest, Most Expensive Mercedes Convertible: The AMG S63!

Well, well, well. Look who’s back. Frequent Drive Time contributor and BMW driver Nicolette Viscusi takes over this review of the fastest and most expensive Mercedes convertible: the AMG S63!  You’re just going to have to watch this!

2020 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet

When even the paint is a $7,500 option you know you’re driving something exclusive.  Not only is this the most expensive Mercedes convertible it’s also the fastest.  This car is a custom order, packed with bespoke touches from Mercedes’ design in-house design team.  This light brown Nappa leather is so the choice of course I’d spend nearly $13,000 on it.  And what kind of cheapskate would pass on the Swarovski crystal headlamp jewels?  Yes, it’s true; this car has over $43,000 in options but there’s not one of them I wouldn’t want.  Anyone care to loan me a quarter of a million?  I’m good for it.  

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Sometimes with these sports cars, these sport luxury cars I can be a bit intimated when I get behind the wheel.I don’t necessarily feel completely in control. Sometimes I feel like there may be too much car for me but for me, I don’t want to belittle this car in any way but I’ve always felt 100% in control. I’ve always felt completely confident behind the wheel because I can maneuver it in any way and feel safe….this is not one to shy away from.

When you’re talking over 600 horsepower, you’ve got to be respectful.  But with all-wheel drive and the phenomenal stability, these Pilot Sport 3s provide you can totally go for it without worry.  Steve would probably also want me to tell you that the S63 runs with a twin-turbo V8 and a multi-clutch 9-speed automatic.  Just dial in your drive mode; from the soft and quiet Comfort setting all the way to the hard and loud Race program…whatever your mood, the S63 has got you covered.    

It’s almost too easy to go fast in this car. It’s so smooth you can’t feel that you’re going – what am I going right now? – I’m going 60 miles-per-hour in a 55 so I’m kind of speeding but I’m not speeding. I think 5-over is not speeding. But it is incredibly easy to accelerate and maintain speed in this beautiful car.

Either top up or down, I absolutely love the look.  It has this majestic yet powerful thing going on that draws me in.  And the cabin is to die for…even for 4.  This is the biggest backseat in the convertible arena so go ahead and invite a couple of friends.  And are you kidding me with all of these fun features?  This has got massaging seats with side bolsters that hug you at just the right moment, a neck warmer, killer electronics, a sound system for the ages, night vision, air scents and unbelievable lighting.  If you’re looking for the most wow factor, just take this out at night. Spectacular.    

Anybody who saw this car, heard this car, was lucky enough to go for a ride in this car absolutely loved it. It was a slam dunk. And many of us have wondered if maybe we could all go in together and purchase one of these before Mercedes stops manufacturing them because it is such a gem. Head turner.

Zero-to-60 in 3.4 seconds in a convertible of this size is ridiculous.  But maybe not as ridiculous as the price…this one checks in at over $227,000.  And, oh yeah…rumor has it this car is going away soon so you’d better act fast if it’s on your dream car wish list.  

So I guess it’s time to head back and check in on Steve…

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