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VIDEO — Riviera Beach Cop in Confrontation with Disabled Veteran Over Handicap Parking Spot

Wounded Riviera Beach veteran Isiah James (via Facebook)

By Jose Lambiet, GossipExtra.com, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 12,2015 – RIVIERA BEACH — Riviera Beach Police Sgt. Gary Wilson is under internal affairs investigation today after the video below was posted on YouTube.

It shows a 15-minute argument between Wilson, who’s been suspended with pay, and disabled Iraq and Afghanistan vet Isiah James Sunday morning at the Walgreen’s on Blue Heron Boulevard in Riviera Beach– and eventually, you can see Wilson knocking to the ground the cellphone that James is using to film the scene.

The argument started over James using a parking spot reserved for handicapped motorists, and Wilson noticing the former GI waltzing into the store.

James has a legit handicapped sticker and three screws in a leg, and he has the right to park in spots close to public places.

But while James is obviously not easy to deal with, Wilson appears to be incapable to back down and deescalate a sticky situation — something that now appears to be a problem common to South Florida law enforcement.

Riviera Beach Police just posted this note on its Facebook page:

Many of you have expressed your concerns, passion, and support for Veterans as it relates to an incident involving one of our Police Officers and a Veteran. We, as an organization, share the same gratitude and respect for Veterans. We support Veterans and appreciate their commitment to serve our country. Although the department has not yet received an official statement regarding the incident in question, an Internal Affairs Investigation is already in effect. As a Department, we ask that you allow opportunity to complete the investigation. You can remain certain that the investigation will be thorough and transparent.

Here is the video. Please note it contains profanity.