Home News UPDATE: Murder Suspect Captured, Two Others Arrested (Video)

UPDATE: Murder Suspect Captured, Two Others Arrested (Video)

murder suspect
Murder Suspect, Dayonte Resiles, Being led into Broward County Jail (WSVN/frame grab)

Dayont’e Resiles, the murder suspect who escaped the Broward County Courthouse last week, has been arrested at a hotel in West Palm Beach, the U.S. Marshals confirmed to 7News.

According to officials, it was a tip that led Police to the Days Inn hotel located at 2300 45th St., in West Palm Beach.

Around 11 p.m., Wednesday, multiple law enforcement agencies tracked Resiles to a room on the first floor of the hotel. “Working with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and the West Palm Task Force an outer perimeter was manned and an inner perimeter was manned and our SWAT team ordered him out of the room,” said Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. “He came out of the room, he surrendered without incident, he laid on the ground, he allowed us to handcuff him. No force was necessary.”

At least 10 deputies escorted Resiles back to jail. “Our members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office were relentless, they were nonstop,” said Israel. “They’re the most incredible public safety professionals I’ve ever been around and because of them and their hard work and the leadership exhibited, Dayonte Resiles is in custody.”

Israel spoke overnight, calling the recapture a huge break. “Of course there’s a great sense of relief, you know we had a man who’s on trial for murder, the state attorney is seeking the death penalty, it doesn’t get more serious than that.”

Investigators believe Resiles had plenty of help in his escape. They said the 21-year-old murder suspect made multiple jail-house calls to several accomplices before the escape.

The number of accomplices in custody has gone up to seven, according to police.

By WSVN/ 7 News, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com July 21, 2016