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Tropics Still Active

By David Bernard, Storm Strategies, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 23, 2015 – Tropical Storm Danny will move across the Northern Leeward Islands late tonight and Monday. The storm will be mostly beneficial because all of the region is experiencing an extreme drought. Some areas, if lucky, will see several inches of rain including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.



As of 5pm Sunday,  the Hurricane Center is still forecasting Danny to gradually weaken and dissipate as it moves across the Caribbean and Hispaniola. The storm will not impact South Florida.


Behind Danny is a strong tropical wave that has a high chance to become a tropical depression over the next 5 days. This system is also expected to be near the Northern Leeward Islands and/or Puerto Rico by later this week. It is too soon to tell how strong it might get or if it will ever have any impact on South Florida.