Home Travel Travel to Cuba: The Latest on Flights, Hotels and Credit Cards

Travel to Cuba: The Latest on Flights, Hotels and Credit Cards

By As the United States reopens its embassy in Havana, here’s what you need to know about traveling to Cuba. Much has changed already since the publication of new regulations for travel to Cuba on Jan. 16, which losened some restrictions on travel for Americans, though some travelers still cannot just hop on a plane and go.

Q. Can any American citizen visit Cuba now?

A. Yes, and no. Any American wishing to visit Cuba for one of 12 purposes may now do so without having to apply for a license on a case-by-case basis. Tourism is still banned by the embargo, so beach holidays are off the cards. The 12 categories of legal travel to Cuba include visits to close relatives, academic programs for which students receive credits, professional research, journalistic or religious activities, and participation in public performances or sports competitions.

What has changed?

Faith Based Events

In the past, people wishing to visit Cuba under some of the 12 categories had to apply for a license. The process was daunting to many and could take months. Under the new regulations, travelers have to mark a box to denote the purpose of their trip and are required to keep receipts of their travel transactions for five years after they return. In most cases, they are also expected to have a full-time schedule of activities related to their category of travel.

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