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Top Vacation Places In Florida

Photo by Zichuan Han from Pexels

Florida is a great place to explore if you want to go on a family vacation, with your friends or even alone. It has a lot to offer to tourists with its natural beauty, a long list of family-friendly places to stay, and eternal sunshine.

Everybody might be familiar with Disneyworld, however, several other places draw attention from tourists around the world.

Florida consists of a 7000-mile long shoreline, and it is great for people who love to visit the beach. From crystal-clear beaches to swamplands filled with alligators, Florida has a lot to offer and should be on your list of places to visit.

Florida also consists of great places to accommodate your stay when you go there on vacation. Many five-star hotel chains have opened up hotels in Florida that offer luxury as well as comfort. A visit to Florida is also great for people who live in nearby states. If you are someone who wants to add a change in your boring routine, you can visit there for a day to get that ever-needed recharge.

Here are some top vacation places in Florida that you should visit.

Hawks Key Resort

Hawks Key Resort is a great place to visit if you are interested in water-based entertainment such as dolphin watching, swimming, or snorkeling. It is situated in Duck Key and consists of a 60-acre land to enjoy such activities. Many nearby small islands are also located near this resort, and you can visit them via boat. If you live in a nearby state and only want to visit this great location for a day, this location, you can have one of the best staycations in Florida.

Disney World

Disney World is probably Florida’s most visited vacation place. It is somewhere where you can replace your robotic routine for a day with princesses, castles, and magic. We were once kids as well, and we had favorite cartoons from Disney, so visiting Disney world will also give you a certain nostalgic feeling. Not only that, but it will be very exciting for your children as well. They will not be able to resist cartoon characters present in Disney world, not to mention the many rides and fun games they can play there. Disney World is a must-visit if you are going for a vacation to Florida.


Universal Orlando is a very popular resort as it has its own theme parks and hotels. Also, SeaWorld Orlando is a great place to visit and stay as it houses more than 150 restaurants and 100 spectacular five-star hotels. There are plenty of options to choose from for people who are budget oriented as well as people who would not hesitate to spend as much cash as they want. Additional activities include theater and golf. Also, as Orlando is situated in the middle of Florida, many tourist attractions are within a few miles of it.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a beach location, and it has been known for its abundance of water-based activities as well as a laid back vibes. It is a slice of heaven on earth and consists of 120 miles of beautiful tropical islands. While visiting Florida keys, you can expect to have great fun by doing underwater exploration at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park or take a snorkeling trip at the Dry Tortugas. Florida keys are also known for its signature key lime pie, so if you are a foodie, this location is a must-visit for you.

Mount Dora

Mount Dora is a great place for exploring as it is a small town with great opportunities for tourists. It has vintage clapboard houses and hotels that are perfectly situated amongst small cafes and delight antique shops. These antique shops are the main attraction of this small town. Many tourists from around this world visit Mount Dora just so see theses vintage antique shops and buy souvenirs to remember them. Also, Mount Dora is the only located near the Ocala National Forest which houses Silver Glen Spring and Juniper Springs that are the two biggest natural swimming holes in Florida.

St. Petersburg

Not to be confused with St. Petersberg in Russia, this location in Florida is great for tourists who like the sun as it holds the record for having the most days of sunshine. People who love the outdoors are surely going to enjoy this vacation place. It also has 6 miles of waterfront parks that outdoor fanatics will love. You can experience hiking, kayaking, and camping in this place of eternal sunshine. Whether it be the Museum of Fine Arts or the Dali Museum, St. Petersburg has a touch of creative renaissance and promises a  cultural experience.

In this ‘sunshine city’, more than 500 events are held every year that include things like saint Anthony’s triathlon and Ribfest, which is the celebration of touring bands and barbequed ribs. Theses events take place downtown, which is crowded with shops, beer pubs, and great restaurants that come alive once the sun goes down.

Sanibel Island

Known for its great shelling, Sanibel Island is a laid back vacation place with a great beach extending for miles. People travel from around the world to this location to find and search for washed-up treasure for souvenirs. Activities that you can do in this small island town include anything from biking for viewing an abundance of wildlife to something like exploring Captiva Island. It should be on the list of vacation places while you travel to Florida.