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Top Travel Destinations In 2021


For most of us, 2020 was not an ideal time to travel. The COVID-19 pandemic had reared its ugly head, and most governments were grappling with its intensity. As vaccination programs rolled out and people became more compliant with COVID-19 regulations, it became easier to travel.

People who have been cooped up in their homes can now start moving around. Most countries have opened their borders to tourists and have adopted sanitary protocols. Airlines, too, have embraced the new normal and have implemented measures to keep their passengers safe.

Please keep in mind that though traveling is now possible, you must adhere to government regulations in your home and host countries. The CDC, for example, recommends that you get fully vaccinated before travel. If not, you need to get tested at least a day before traveling and self-quarantine after travel.

Additionally, all people must wear masks, sanitize and maintain social distancing. You must also get your travel paperwork in order. Most countries have changed their entry regulations, and you may need more than just a VISA to gain entry. With Travel Visa Pro, you can always contact the agency to get more information on what you need beforehand.

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So, where can you travel in 2021?


With social distancing taking the forefront in the fight against COVID 19, being out in the wild has become a travel favorite. Kenya boasts of private conservancies, parks, and reserves spread over its plainlands. With diverse wildlife and mountainous regions to boot, this East African country is an amazing option. Besides, with fewer people traveling, you will have an easier time booking exclusive resorts and campsites.

Costa Rica

Other than national parks, this country is known for its bevy of thrill activities. From cave tubing to zip-lining down to river rafting, there is a lot you can enjoy in the outdoors. Also, if you love trying new cuisines or checking out the bar scene, you can always tour San José. Be sure to grab a craft beer to get a true taste of Costa Rica!


This country is hitting its stride even as the pandemic rages on, and most travelers have now discovered its vibrant energy. With varying landscapes and amazing weather on its side coupled with rugged coastlines, this travel destination is a gem! Plus, the travel rates are on the lower side compared to most European destinations.

The British Virgin Islands

If there has ever been an ideal time to seclude yourself from the world, it is now when the world faces a pandemic. As you stroll on the endless beaches and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, you will be lost in another realm. September, October, and November are the best months to visit the islands. However, if you want to save some money, go during the colder months.


This beautiful country boasts of museums, ancient ruins, and amazing natural scenery. Of course, fashion lovers adore this country for its notable fashion trends that are sure to inspire awe. But away from the fashion, Rome is one of the most striking features of the country. With thousands of years of history to its name and the ability to transport people back in time, this city hits the mark.

New Zealand

While many countries have not handled the pandemic in the best way possible, New Zealand has won on this front. As a result, many travelers have considered adding its stamp on their passports, eager to take it in. This country comprises two main islands that feature lakes, mountains, plains, forests, and beaches. Plus, you can get more island life by visiting one of the offshore islands.


Who does not want to spend time by the beach? In Croatia, you get to enjoy tons of beaches and can even get in on island hopping. One minute, you are on one beach, and the other, you are on a kayak on the way to another island. If you fancy some history, you can also visit some of the many historical sites in the country, including the Zagreb Cathedral.


If you are after diversity, amazing cuisine, and culture, this is a great place to start. It works for short and long trips alike. For short trips, you can tour the wineries and visit the historical sites in the country. Longer trips allow you to explore the caves, forests and even get your adrenaline going with some extreme sports.

The world boasts of countless amazing destinations, and we can barely cover them all in one day. As more destinations open, you will have more countries to add to your bucket list. But, for now, you can enjoy all the fantastic options on this list. Bon, voyage!