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Top Summer Trends That You Should Follow in 2020

Looking forward to trying out the latest trends has been an exciting activity for fashionistas. However, the case is a literal difference this year. This year has largely been shadowed with lockdowns, travel bans, restricted trades, and economic shutdowns. Although we are hoping for lockdowns being eased up, the fashion scene still cannot bring something entirely new since industries have been shut down for a while and many stores are still loaded with stock that could not be sold.

Despite that, there will, of course, be a transition from winter to summer and therefore the trends will change. This year most fashion trends are expected to be a mashup of old trends. Here is what you should expect on the summer fashion front this season.

Less is More

If there is one thing that we have all learned from this unending series of lockdowns as a result of COVID-19 is that we can easily survive with the bare minimum. There is no need to have our closets loaded with fifteen different assortments of dresses and blingy tops. As much as you might be tempted to go shopping and stuff your closet with the new arrivals, the trend for this year at least will be driven by minimalism. With the economy hitting the rock bottom and most fashion houses being unable to work on new season lines, the current fashion trends will be largely dictated by minimalistic styles and revamping the old cuts to create a new fashion trend.

Dare to Experiment

Being trendy has always been about experimenting and taking risks. That being said, it is entirely understandable that most people are not comfortable with going whacky on fashion trends. However, there could never be a better time for taking risks and trying out new trends. Try a new hair cut, a new shade of lipstick or a new dressing style. You can wear it around in your home and see how it turns out. After all, you will not be going out for quite some time so you will have an easy chance of reversing the change if you do not like it.

Sheers are In

As the winters see its tail end and the summer sun starts to shine in full swing, sheer fabrics are making their way back. Whether you are draping your windows or draping your body, sheer fabrics seem to be ruling the trend radar this season. There is a wide range of variety in sheer fabrics and you can churn out some gorgeous designs if you are creative. Sheer fabrics are light and breathable therefore they are great for hot and humid climates. You do not necessarily have to show skin when going for sheer fabrics. You can use a plain or printed lining underneath if showing the skin is not your style.

Ditch the Leather

Let your leather bags and jackets rest in the closet for some time. The new season is all about canvas and other eco-friendly fabrics. Canvas tote bags made their way a while back when the effects of climate change raised serious concerns. However, after the Australian wildfires, this trend is going to pick up more than ever before, Beside tote bags, the canvas is also a huge success as home linen for its light, durable and breathable finish,