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Top Summer Home Maintenance Tasks


While the United States and China trade war escalates, experts say the one market left unscathed will be real estate. Real estate investment trusts have created a buffer around themselves, away from global supply chain disruptions, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Even if you’re not planning on buying a new house or selling your current property, it’s still important to treat your home well by doing much-needed maintenance tasks this summer.

Fix The Seals

Even though temperatures rarely fall below freezing in Florida, cracks could have formed in your home over winter and spring. To keep the onslaught of insects from entering your space, seal up any holes in your house’s siding, garage, bathrooms, or wherever else insects could access your property.

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Dust Your Home

Higher temperatures mean more people coming in and out of your house, tracking in dirt, lint, and dust. Take a day to completely dust your home before this season’s new shipment of debris comes in.

Wash The Windows

You’ll want to enjoy the gorgeous view outside your home as the weather warms up, so it’s worth taking the time to clean the windows at the start of the season. Start by having the gutters cleared to protect your home throughout the year.

Then wash your windows either by hand or with a power washer to scrub away the grime accumulated during the past year. Insects will once again be attracted to the light from your home at night and decide to take up residence nearby. Wash them away and get sparkling windows for the summer.

Get The Garden Going

While the natural soil in South Florida is more like sand than soil, the near-tropical temperatures year-round mean plants thrive in this ecologically unique area.

While you may have to sweat a little bit, your family will enjoy their improved living conditions throughout the summer, and you’ll really get the most out of your property. And if you later to decide to move on, selling will be much easier with these tasks already in hand.