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Top Secrets to Out-Shine Your Peers With a Better Grade (+ Infographic)

Going back to school at any age is an exciting and challenging time. Especially as a mom, you have a number of existing, living responsibilities that take up your time and attention: namely, your children. But it’s 100 percent possible to be highly successful in a school setting as a mom. Here are some top tips for getting great grades to inspire peer envy.

Find your unique studying style

Everyone is different – what works well as a study tactic for one person, can totally fall flat for another. So, it’s crucial to determine your own personal learning and studying style. There are a number of different personality tests you can take to help discern this about yourself. Some of the best personality tests out there are the Enneagram of Personality and the Myers-Briggs personality test.

Taking either or both can help you learn some key facts about yourself and your working style, including whether you’re proactive or reactive, whether you are emotional or judgmental, and whether you are introverted or extroverted. All of these factors can help you understand how you work best, and then tailor your study habits to produce the best possible results in the classroom.

Choose your classes carefully

If this is your first time in a school setting in a while, you will need to carefully consider which classes to take, and specifically, which classes you start with. A great strategy for boosting your GPA is taking some of the easier classes for your chosen degree early on. Having easier classes will, in theory, help you perform better and boost your initial GPA, which will give you positive momentum going into the more rigorous classes of your curriculum.

In addition to your classes, make sure you do research on your professors. At most educational institutions, there are multiple teachers for each class, which means you have a choice of which class time works with your schedule, as well as which teacher you’d like to work with. If you have friends in your program, ask for teacher recommendations. Or, use a site like Rate My Professor to get some background information on which teacher may be the best fit for you and your needs.

Make the time

One of the biggest mistakes when going back to school is simply not setting aside the time you need to absorb information, study, and thrive in classes. You need to be proactive in making the time for your studies. This is an investment in yourself, and you owe it to yourself to pursue it fully.

Figure out the time you need to commit to being successful, and make the time in your schedule for it. It may be early in the morning before your kids wake up, for a few hours while they’re at school each day, or at night after they’ve gone to sleep. It doesn’t matter when this time is, it only matters that it works for you and that it’s consistent.

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