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Top Reasons Why You Should Know Your Home Country’s Embassy

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Traveling is a fascination for most people. When traveling overseas, it is crucial for regular travelers to be prepared for the unexpected.

People need to know of their country embassies, whenever they are traveling abroad. Embassies are the base of diplomats from your home country, who can offer you immediate assistance. Consulates are similar, but deal with smaller issues, mostly faced by travelers in small tourist cities.

What are the conditions when I can seek help from my home country’s embassy?

Embassies are helpful in a lot of adversities that might arise on foreign land, and therefore, you should contact them immediately. Before setting off on a trip abroad, you can use a reliable online embassy finder and information to acquire the location and contact details of your home country’s embassy there. Here are some significant instances when you should reach out to the embassy.

●       Misplacing/losing your passport

The services of embassies vary from location to location, but they must be the first contact point when losing your passport. For instance, a U.S. citizen stuck in Paris can apply for a new passport through the embassy if he/she is not traveling immediately. For British citizens in Germany, the duplicate passport can be valid for a year, when issued by the consulate. The way of tackling an issue varies from embassy to embassy, but the least they can do is to make proper arrangements for your safe journey back home.

●       If you are arrested

From breaking the traffic rules to going against an unfamiliar law in a foreign country, you can end up being detained. No matter what the reason is, the embassy should be the first place where you call. They will definitely not come in the way of trials, but surely contact you within 24 hours, and if the offense is minimal, they can even get you bailed out. In the case of a severe crime, they can provide you with a list of lawyers who speak your language. In any case, the help offered may vary, but some assistance will undoubtedly be provided.

  • When getting married overseas

If you are on a tourist visa and wish to get married in a foreign state, embassies can provide you with temporary documents that will suffice the marriage ceremony. The embassy can easily provide information about paperwork and regulations. Some embassies also give you the details of lawyers after making you familiar with local marriage laws. Even an affidavit for marriage can be made from the embassy.

  • Moving abroad

Right from healthcare to education, embassies have all the information you need when moving to a new place. Depending on the location, you may also be updated with social traditions, so that you can purchase properties easily. Embassies can also explain the variation of laws for children and adults.