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Top Cloud Security Challenges in 2023


Industries of all kinds and sizes are carrying out various services with the help of “the cloud.” However, the convenience offered by cloud migration can also bring in security risks. In the recent past, cyber threats have risen which has made cloud security services important for businesses.

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Businesses that wish to migrate data from the servers in their office to the cloud need providers of affordable managed security solutions. CloudSpace USA gives such businesses the much-needed computing power, security and scale, by supporting them with an expert IT operations support team.

A leading provider of managed IT services can help you build a robust security strategy. So, here are the top cloud security challenges that require you to create a strong strategy in 2023.

Data Breach

The annual number of data compromises in USA rose from 1,108 cases in 2020 to 1,802 cases in 2022. Every time your company’s confidential data is accessed and used devoid of your consent or knowledge; it’s called a data breach.

This usually happens due to highly complex accessibility systems or weak credentials that allow access to the wrong people. Another cause of data compromise is malware entering your system. No protection at runtime or inadequate cloud configuration can leave data unguarded to theft.

Therefore, it’s important to work with a reputed provider of managed security services to reduce the risks of data breaches with solutions like encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Insecure APIs

Around 1,17,000 cybersecurity incidents were studied to show that API insecurity leads to $41-75 billion in losses in a year. Application programming interfaces (APIs) not only allow organizations to personalize their cloud services but also enable authentication, access, and encryption. As these interfaces advance to get more efficient, they also pose a higher security risk to the data store.

Your systems and data might be compromised if you depend on cloud solutions with unsecured APIs. Hackers usually employ a man in the middle, denial of service, or brute force to break into an API. Your public cloud services must be secure enough to protect themselves against these hacking methods. The cloud security provider, in these cases, may opt for solutions like fake breaches and an assessment of the general system security.


With time, the number of solutions made available in a cloud environment will keep increasing. Nowadays, businesses commonly work with several vendors. Every solution has subtleties and implementations that can highly differ between providers. To stop threat actors from taking advantage of security gaps in your cloud infrastructure, it’s crucial to improve your cloud security practices. The only solution here is to check your security system time and again to make it better.

Make sure to work with a leading provider of managed security solutions to protect your company from these security risks and cyber threats.