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Top Activities to Try with Children of All Ages


Your beautiful children are what keeps you focused. Hearing them laugh and waiting for you to play with them are some of the best feelings in the world, so you want to hold on them tight because, before you know it, their interests will change.

One moment your son asks for your help when he’s riding a bike for the first time and the next thing you know he’ll be choosing his own helmet especially made for kids to match his brand new ATV.

Here is a list of outdoor activities your children will most likely enjoy, no matter if they’re teenagers or preschoolers.

Indoor rock climbing

You may be too far away from the mountains or not have enough time to take your kids to a real rock climbing adventure but this doesn’t mean you’re out of alternatives. Check for local indoor climbing gyms and find the perfect one for you and your children, according to their age.

This could prove the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon as it allows you to improve communication with your kids while still exercising and looking keeping fit.

An offroad ATV ride

This activity is mainly suitable for teenagers and young adults but it will guarantee you a great afternoon in the company of your children. In most countries, children can ride an ATV at the age of 16 but if he or she is underage, you can take a joint ride.

ATVs are easy to ride and don’t require spending too much money on protective gear. One helmet for each of you and you’re ready to head into the woods, enjoying a few hours of fun and fresh air.

A hot air balloon ride

Many girls and boys will be thrilled by the idea of going “up up in the sky” with the help of a hot air balloon. If you have this on your bucket list, it’s high time you made it happen. The trip usually lasts between 40 and 60 minutes but it depends on the winds and the moment of the day.

The best time to hop on a hot air balloon is right before sunrise or sunset on a clear sky day so you’ll get to enjoy the magical landscapes. We guarantee it will be an experience you won’t forget.

Volunteer at a zoo

If your children love animals, a day at the local zoo could be an interesting experience. However, what it would be even more awesome is to actually get to spend one-on-one time with your favorite animals, by volunteering.

Many zoos receive help from volunteers for cleaning the cages or feeding the birds. If you’re old enough you can even get to bathe some of the small animals. However, no matter the job, volunteering at a zoo is a great way to spend time outdoors, enjoy the silly and goofy animals, learn more about them, and teach your children more about responsibilities.

Try scuba diving

The last thing on our list of suggestions is teaching or trying with your kids for the first time scuba diving. This sport is perfect for vacations and will help you spend quality time with your children and even learn new things about the fascinating world of seas and oceans.