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Top 5 Advantages of Having a Property in Reunion Resort, Orlando FL

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Owning a vacation home is one of the best long-term wealth-building decisions you can make. Not only does it give you a place to get away during the summer or flexible weekends, but you can also earn extra money renting it out when you’re not using it.

Most importantly, it’s your nest egg and possible home after retirement. And if you want to sell it after retirement, you are guaranteed of making good returns too.

Even so, where you pick to buy a vacation home really matters. Reunion Resort, located in Orlando, Central Florida, is quickly becoming a favorite place to buy vacation condos and homes, with slots on the market declining every day- and for good reason.

So why should you own a home here? Let’s look at the top five advantages:

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1.  It’s a Great Investment

The resort is a top-tier vacation establishment and happens to be one of three resorts that make up the Grand Golf Resorts of Florida. It’s also the best place to direct your capital if you’re looking to make good returns well into the future.

So, why is it such an excellent investment?

For one, it’s in a good location. The resort, which sits on 2,300 acres, is built as a gated community in a lush, sunshine-filled area in Osceola County. It’s a 40-45 minute drive from the Orlando International Airport, making it conveniently accessible to out-of-state visitors.

Secondly, the resort has numerous attractions that keep visitors and tourists coming. The amenities, nature trails, dining areas, golf courses, and social activities at the resort are enough to attract visitors. With membership, guests on your property will also have access to a host of resort amenities such as the spa and wellness clubs.

If you’re buying property primarily for rental, the resort is also ideal because it doesn’t impose leasing restrictions. As a villa/house owner, you can rent out your property as you wish.

2.  Homes for Sale Offer a Variety of Floor Plans and Styles

The resort boasts of some of the biggest- and most stunning villas in the entire state. The variety of styles and floor plans means that you can pick your preferred design from a wide selection.

The smallest property is the one-bedroom estate villa. It is at least 700 square feet and has a master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living area, and a balcony.

In another part of the resort, you’ll find two 3-bedroom villas. Villa owners/guests can access ten communal pools (including the Seven Eagles infinity pool), and other amenities spread out around the resort.

And if you’re looking for something bigger and more private, there are also standalone homes ranging from 5 to 14 bedrooms. These private homes come with their own pools and can accommodate 20 or even more guests.

All Reunion resort’s homes are also fully furnished with modern equipment and appliances and open plan living areas. So, whether you’re just looking for a one-bedroom condo or a large luxury pool home, the resort definitely has something to offer.

3.  There Are Featured Golf Courses in Reunion Resort

Another advantage of having a property in this resort is that you have access to three golf courses; the Palmer, the Watson, and the Nicklaus. These names are a homage to the designers of the golf courses, PGA legends Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, and Jack Nicklaus, respectively.

Whether you check in for an early morning tee-off, a weekend tournament, or an afternoon round of 18 holes, these signature golf courses are sure to give you an unrivaled golf experience in Orlando.

As a property owner in this resort, you have a great choice of golf packages (classic or unlimited) to choose from. Besides, no matter the time of year you visit, you’ll enjoy special rates, discounts on dining, and other perks. So, it all falls on you to find the best offer.

Not to forget, the resort also boasts of two excellent golf academies, where you can fine-tune your golf skills with the help of experts.

4.  Not Your Typical Water Park

Reunion Resort also has an extraordinary water park built on a 5-acre piece of land, equipped with a sensational water slide, and complemented by a mini-river. It also has an aquatic playground with water cannons, sprays, bridges, and all for you to enjoy.

It has a very tropical theme, giving you the perfect vacation experience without having to get out of Orlando.

Another notable feature of the water park is the pool games. Next to the pool area, you’ll come across tons of games such as foosball, ping pong, ladder ball, relay races, and giant chess. And to ensure that you do not get hungry while having a good time, the water park has the Drifters Grilles, where you can find an array of snacks, drinks, and cocktails.

All in all, this extra feature makes it the perfect place for you and your family to have fun on any day of the week.

5.  Walt Disney World  is a Short Drive Away

This resort does not seem to have a limit when it comes to impressions. The fact that it is a short 20 minutes away from Disney makes it all the more a great property to buy.

This can be really great if you have a family with kids because they’ll undoubtedly love going to Disney Park for fun times and bonding moments. And even if you don’t have any kids just yet, any parent can tell you that it’s never too early to set yourself up for the future.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve checked out some advantages of having a property in this resort, it’s time for you to decide. Factor in the amenities and the community around the resort that make it an excellent investment.