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Top 3 Mods for Suzuki GZ250


The Suzuki GZ250 is a great, everyday bike — “everyday” meaning it offers a smooth, easy ride but doesn’t possess a lot of torque. However, even everyday bikes deserve a little TLC, which you can give yours in the form of modifications.

Turn your commuter bike into a work of art with aftermarket parts for Suzuki GZ250 from a reputable online parts dealer. Not sure where to begin? Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Make the Necessary Changes First

Before you invest in performance upgrades or body parts for your bike, address any issues first. The GZ250 is nearly two decades old, meaning it likely has a few problem areas worth fixing. Check by first assessing the body for damage and then moving onto battery testing, fluid checks, brake checks and engine tests. By fixing issues related to these areas first, you can drastically improve the performance of your bike from the get-go.

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Install an Aftermarket Front Brake

When surveyed, the majority of Suzuki GZ250 owners said that one of the main complaints they had with the bike was the front brake, which many described as “spongey.” When it comes time to slow down, the front brake is slow to respond and requires more effort than is necessary.

Fortunately, it’s easy to change out the factory front brake parts with aftermarket ones from top brands such as Biker’s Choice, Goodridge, BikeMaster and Motion Pro. Shop online for aftermarket parts for motorcycles for the best deals from the best manufacturers.

Invest in Some Body Accents

Part of what makes the Suzuki GZ250 so unique is its styling. Though classified as a cruiser, the GZ250 features a sporty, lean look in the back and a fat, cruiser-like look in the front. Like the hairstyle this description brings to mind, the GZ250 is either well-received or mocked.

Though you likely fall into the former camp (as you own the bike after all), you may wish to play with your bike’s appearance with aftermarket and genuine Suzuki parts. The raw steel rear wide fender from Biker’s Choice can give an edge to your bike that it lacks, while accents such as license plate trim and fender ornaments can make a statement about you as a rider. Have some fun with accents and accessories, as they’re affordable, easy to install and just as easy to remove should you decide they’re not for you.

Play With the Frame and Footrests

As a cruiser bike, the GZ250 should be comfortable. Comfort varies from rider to rider, and if Suzuki’s original design isn’t right for you, turn to your favorite parts dealer for a solution. Change out the factory footpegs with pegs from Küryakyn, BikeMaster or Western Power Sports. If footpegs, in general, aren’t for you, consider installing floorboards, which offer more surface area to rest your feet. Highway bars a nice addition, as though they don’t really improve comfort, they can go a long way toward improving your safety. Look into the durable additions from Lindby, Jardine and other top manufacturers.