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Top 10 Watermelon Juice Benefits and Juicing Tips

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Watermelon may just pretty much taste like water, but there are so many benefits to it that not many people realize. What most people don’t know is that you can eat the rind and the seeds of watermelons.

Many people cut the rind off and throw it in the bin as well as pick the seeds out. When you juice, though, you can get the full benefits from watermelon by juicing the rind and seeds too.

I have added the top 10 health benefits of watermelon juice as well as how to make watermelon juice and how to pick the best watermelons for juicing.

Benefits Of Watermelon Juice

If you’re not yet sold on why you should be using watermelon for juicing, then I have 10 very good benefits that will change your mind.

Watermelon has been the main source of folk medicine for many years, and scientists have proven that watermelon does, in fact, have its benefits which include cancer prevention and better blood flow.

Not only does watermelon have many amazing health benefits, but it also has some other benefits including how delicious it tastes on a hot summer day.

Because watermelon is mostly water, it is the perfect thirst quenchers on a hot day when you want to something to drink other than water itself.

Here are the 10 top benefits of drinking watermelon juice:

Prevention Of Cancer

Many people who are fans of heating healthy and juicing know that tomatoes have high amounts of Lycopene, which is what makes it that lovely red color. What many don’t know is that watermelon contain more Lycopene that tomatoes do! It is the Lycopene that gives watermelons their lovely red color.

There have been studies that have shown that Lycopene, which is found in watermelons, can help prevent heart disease as well as prevent cancer of the prostate, lung, ovaries, pancreas, breast, bladder and colon.

It doesn’t just stop there neither as some people have Lycopene for cataracts and asthmas too although more research is needed to prove officially this.

Because of these benefits, it has been found that people who consume more Lycopene-rich foods will have a reduced risk of heart disease and forms of cancer.

It has also been proven that Lycopene can help to protect your skin from UV damage so while you should still not skip on putting on your sun lotion, having a large glass of watermelon juice will help to protect further your skin. For a truly powerful Lycopene juice, you can also add tomatoes and pink grapefruit to the juice.

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