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Top 10 Benefits Of Olive Oil Over Vegetable Oils

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There’s no denying that the global market is flooded with a broad variety of cooking oils. Sadly, not all of them have proven their worth as healthy oils for regular cooking and consumption.

While some types of vegetable oils have miserably failed in offering nutrients essential for the body, many on the other hand, are restricted to one type of cooking only. Amidst this, many pieces of research claim olive oil as one of the best and the healthiest varieties of cooking oils discovered to date.

The health benefits of olive oil are a plethora. In fact, we’ve just begun to understand the countless ways olive oil can be used for improving our health as well as our lives. This is precisely the reason why most physicians and dieticians recommend the use of olive oil for preparing dishes.

About Olive Oil

Olive oil, as the name says, is extracted from the olive fruit, typically, by pressing them under precise conditions. The extraction process and the composition of the oil vary with the cultivar, altitude, and time of harvest of the olive fruit. Aiding to this, olive oil comes in three different varieties, suitable for different cooking needs.

The highest and most recommended grade of olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil, followed by virgin oil, and pure/refined oil. Each of these grades is extracted in different ways.

Extra virgin and virgin olive oil, the two varieties are extracted directly from the olive fruit usually by grinding them. The process typically, preserves olive’s natural taste, flavor and speak of a maximum number of benefits.

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