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Today’s The Day – It’s Officially Goof Off Day

goof off

National Goof Off Day is observed annually on March 22.  Our research indicates that this day is also known as International Goof Off Day.  It is a day to relax, enjoy and goof off. Do something fun and leave the work until tomorrow.  Everybody needs to take a break from time to time.  It is often so easy to get so involved in the work and pressures in our lives. So stop, take a break, find something that you enjoy doing and do it!

There are many different things that a person could do.  Strictly speaking, goofing off is the avoidance of work. So whatever you do on National Goof Off Day, try not to look like you are working.

Monica Dufour and her grandfather William D. Chase, the creator of Chase’s Calendar of Events, created Goof Off Day in 1976.