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Today Is Nut Day – The Kind You Eat

Nut Day
Nut Day

Walnut, Hazelnut, Chestnut, Kola Nuts, Pine Nuts, Cashews, and more. There are more types of nuts in the world than most people realize, and many more of these are used for food than people suspect. Most people have a favorite kind of nut, most commonly involved in a favored kind of treat, but there are varieties and uses for nuts that are not commonly known.

Did you know that the flavor in your cola originally came from the Kola Nut? Or that Beech Nuts are commonly used as feed for animals? From ages past these high-fat, high-protein tree seeds have served as a major source of winter survival. Their natural ability to be stored and resist decay throughout the winter has made them a valuable resource for animals and humans alike.

What’s even more fascinating is that nuts have been revealed to have notable health benefits for those with a history of Coronary Hearth Disease by lowering LDL cholesterol concentrations.

History of Nut Day
The Liberation Foods Company organized Nut Day to celebrate the long and storied history of the nut, as well as to dispel some pernicious myths, such as the persistent idea that peanuts are a nut for instance. Nuts have long been part of our diets, a trait we likely learned by following our fuzzy four footed brethren to their winter stores.

Since the inception of Nut Day, great festivals have sprung up around the world to celebrate the versatility and great taste of the nut. There’s nothing like the rich smell of roast nuts to remind you that fall is here, and there is nothing to soothe a sweet tooth like a roast candied nut. Orange Glazed, Cinnamon, Sweet Chipotle are just a few of the common and more unusual flavors available in the world of the nut.

How to Celebrate Nut Day
The best way to celebrate Nut Day is by treating yourself to your favorite nut related treat. Whether that’s a nut rich doughnut or a bag of your favorite roasted nuts, Nut Day is an opportunity to indulge in the rich, nutty taste of.. well.. nuts!

There are often events held by vendors of nuts and their enthusiasts, where they share activities, introduce new types of nuts, and even share the best nut recipes. So get out there and improve your health and your winter with these shell-covered treasures.


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