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Today Is National Birth Mother’s Day

national birth mother's day

National Birth Mother’s Day is observed the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This day has been set aside as a day for birth mothers to acknowledge and support one another. It is a day to recognize the biological mothers of adopted children.

Each birth mother’s experience is personal. While the day originated as a day of solidarity, education and compassion, it has evolved and may be received with a mixture of emotions, viewed as a celebration of the life a birth mother has brought into the world and has chosen to share with another family.


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National Birth Mother’s Day was established in 1990 by Mary Jean Wolch-Marsh to show support for birth mothers like herself.

From Adoption.com

There are an estimated 6 million adoptees in the US alone– plus the millions elsewhere around the world– and we’ve each got two mothers: the one who parented and the one who gave birth. In our extended and blended families, Mother’s Day can also include foster mothers, stepmothers, and other caregivers with whom we have a mother-child relationship.

Mother’s Day, celebrated since the days of Ancient Greece, is observed on the second Sunday of May. And ever since 1990 when it was first celebrated in Seattle, Birth Mother’s Day (or First Mother’s Day) has been observed on the Saturday before Mother’s Day as a day for women whose children have been placed for adoption to acknowledge the experience and support each other.

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