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Today Is: Heavenly Hash Day (Video), And Oh, Yeah, Ground Hog Day

National Heavenly Hash Day
National Heavenly Hash Day

 National Heavenly Hash Day is an unofficial food holiday celebrated on February 2 each year. The food holiday is known as a time to celebrate through the enjoying of a heavenly desert type dish which can vary in ingredients from region to region. National Heavenly Hash Day shares the attention of the day with the more widely known celebration Ground Hog Day. There are no specific historical records of how the Heavenly Hash Day observance began and nothing specific to define when Heavenly Hash became a popular food item in America

Heavenly Hash recipes vary from ice cream, to brownies and cookies, and to a gelatin based dessert with rice, marshmallows, and fruit. Most heavenly hash recipes contain either marshmallows or a marshmallow creame or fluff. Over the years many ice cream brands have added their version of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream to the freezer shelf. Bryers, Edys, Ben and Jerry, and Sealtest have all made commercial versions of the chocolate dessert.

A sugar free version of the Ambrosia style Heavenly Hash can be made using Sugar Free Cool Whip, Sugar Free Gelatin, and fruits in light syrup. The heavier, richer, bar verions of Heavenly hash use condensed milk along with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and nuts.

National Heavenly Hash Day History

National Heavenly Hash Day has no official designation but is enjoyed by many Americans and becomes the topic of blog posts and news articles about the variety of recipes and ways to enjoy the dessert. The day is observed on the same day as the Alfred L. Cralle patented an ice cream scoop with a design which is still in use today. Considering one of the most popular ways to enjoy Heavenly Hash is through an ice cream, these two events go hand in hand quite well. Food Timeline lists Heavenly Hash as being one of the popular American decade foods for the 70s, showing it as a favorite Cocktail/Buffet Menu food to serve.

Faith Based Events

National Heavenly Hash Day Celebration

The best way to celebrate National Heavenly Hash Day is to choose at least one recipe type and enjoy it with family and friends. Whether choosing the chocolate and marshmallow version similar to a Rocky Road ice cream, and the marshmallow, fruit and coconut recipe similar to Ambrosia, the dessert or sweet salad will be the highlight of Ground Hogs Day.


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By MahaloSouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 2, 2016