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Today Is: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (Video)

Today Is: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

There’s nothing quite as fun as popping bubble wrap bubbles. Whether you’re unpacking a parcel, playing virtual bubble wrap games online, or have gone out to buy bubble wrap especially, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is the day to indulge and get popping!

Here are five facts about bubble wrap from the Plymouth Hearld (UK)

1. Bubble Wrap was invented in 1956 by two New Jersey engineers – Henry Fielding and Marc Chavannes.

2. The famous wrap started out as two shower curtains pressed together. Marc and Henry tried to sell it as wallpaper – surprisingly they were unsuccessful.

4. Sealed Air’s corporate offices have “stress relief boxes” that are filled with Bubble Wrap for the employees to pop. Jealous much?

5. The amount of Bubble Wrap produced by Sealed Air annually is enough to wrap the entire Earth (at the equator) with Bubble Wrap about ten times. That’s one way to protect the planet!

So if you have the Monday Blues or are already stressed out, here’s a game to help you out: Pop The Bubble Wrap

Here’s how some people previously celebrated bubble wrap appreciation day:

This Australian TV marking 2015’s Bubble Wrap day:

CNN today asked viewers how they were celebrating bubble wrap day:

Or you can always challenge your friends (or enemies) to a bubble wrap battle: