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Today Is ‘Be Bald And Free Day’

Be Bald And Free Day
Be Bald And Free Day

Toupee’s, Wigs, long hair in the front and bald on top, the issue of the balding head has been creating all sorts of ‘solutions’ for generations. But why does there need to be a solution? Why can there not be a Bald And Free Day to celebrate the chrome-dome, the cue-ball, the beautifully shaved scalp revealed in all its glory? Take heart! For such a day does truly exist, and it is, appropriately enough, Bald And Free Day, and it’s a day to toss aside all your head coverings and let the scalp breathe!

History of Be Bald And Free Day
Be Bald And Free Day is a celebration of the bald pate and the strength of the men and women who have dared to bare it all. Don’t think that being bald has always been a sign of weakness, after all when was the last time you thought of Bruce Willis or Sean Connery as ‘weak’. Instead these men are bald and yet symbols of virility. They’re part of a grand history as well, including such notable bald men as Mahatma Ghandi, the man who help to kick the British out of India without resorting to any form of violence.

How about Mikhail Gorbachev? The Russian leader who helped bring down the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union, and put an end to the cold war. You better believe he rocked his bald pate to help change the world at large, in part by criticizing another man of equally hairless scalp, Vladimir Putin. Then there’s theman who arguably changed all of science with the concept of evolution, Charles Darwin. Correct, another man that utterly changed the world while baring his scalp to the world.

But baldness isn’t a powerful thing simply for women, take a look at Sinead O’Connor and Britney Spears, a pair that some would consider it blasphemous to speak in the same breath. Sinead wore her hair as a rebellion against those who wanted her to take on a softer, more sexualized look to help further her career. Instead she went bald and severe to break the male fantasy of the music industry. Britney, in her greatest time of trial and tribulation, shaved her head in part as a way to reclaim herself from the musical machine. Powerful women indeed!

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How to celebrate Be Bald And Free Day
Be Bald And Free Day is all the reason you need to bare your head to the world. Do you usually wear a wig or a hat to hide your balding head, or comb-over to try to keep it hidden from the world? No more! Take out your razor and set your scalp free! Be Bald And Free Day is your opportunity to recognize your own magnificence and share it with the world.