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Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Marriage While Working From Home


Let’s face it, working from home can tax one’s relationship in subtle ways. While we love our partners, how do we navigate working from home and being in close proximity to our loved ones around the clock?

Although it may seem overwhelming or challenging on the surface to work near our lovers, your relationship can easily survive and thrive while working from your home office.

Moreover, the mental tools and strategies listed below will inevitably boost your mental health and help you schedule time for the critical components of your lifestyle. If you’re ready to find a solution to your professional life while working at home, here’s how you can avoid becoming another metric in the divorce-rate statistics.

Set Boundaries, Guidelines and Time Schedules

The most essential step in maintaining your marriage while working remotely is setting semi-rigid boundaries between work and leisure periods. Rather than having a loose schedule where you work as you go, set aside distinct chunks of time throughout the day dedicated to working and completing productive tasks.

An example of this could be working from nine o’clock in the morning until noon in your home office. During that work block, close your door, let your spouse know you need a few hours of productive time and shut down distractions before they creep into your line of focus.

Once your work block concludes, meet with your spouse in a pre-defined area, such as the kitchen or the patio, to have a cup of coffee and unwind. While it may seem overly protective or borderline neurotic to work within these pre-determined limitations, it’ll boost your creativity, enhance your focus, differentiate your work and play into distinctive categories.

Enhance the Time Spent with Your Partner

With most of the population suddenly working from their homes, it’s essential that we learn how to improve the time spent with our loved ones. The anxiety and worry that floods our mind from career-focused tasks take their toll on our marriage, causing us to act out in anger, say things we don’t mean and make our partners feel unappreciated.Simple acts like taking a walk around the neighborhood, going for a gym session together, sharing a meal, or watching a television show are brilliant ways to enhance your love and break up the monotony of working remotely.

Declutter Your Work Environment

Have you heard the phrase that clutter is the result of postponed decisions? Take a few hours out of your week, perhaps as a shared chore with your partner, to declutter and remove items from your personal space that don’t hold value. While this process may seem simplistic on its surface, it provides a therapeutic effect on your mind that allows you to become a better lover and communicator.

Leave Your Work in the Office

Are you guilty of talking about work-related issues far after your shift ends? For millions of Americans, letting work stay within the office is a difficult feat to achieve. However, to improve your marriage and give your undivided attention to your partner, it’s an essential habit to develop.

In fact, unchecked drama from the office typically results in marital issues, and in some rare instances, leads to divorce. To counteract this predicament, use the tips below to compartmentalize your work-related problems from your personal life:

  • Don’t answer work emails during leisure periods.
  • Implement an exercise routine.
  • Maintain presence and a calm mind with meditation practice.
  • Devote your undivided attention to your marriage once your work is complete.
  • Make clear and concise start and stop times for your professional dealings.

Mind Your Tone and Volume

The volume in which we speak in the office differs from the soft and soothing tone we use with our loved ones. However, one problem we see arise again and again in couples working from home is, put bluntly, annoying one another throughout the day. As comical as this issue may sound, simple mechanical changes can alleviate our partner’s stress and improve our marriage tenfold.

Don’t Work Together

As romantic as it sounds to work side by side with your partner, the reality is that distractions and trivial conversations lead to poor performance within your respective careers. As a result of this downturn in productivity, your relationship suffers, and you may soon notice your connection with your partner failing. To solve this problem, work from separate rooms.

Designating a home office for each person in the household will ensure their future success. And once the workday concludes, you can connect and reflect on your day while sharing each other’s space. Although this step is easy, it will make you yearn for your partner at the end of a grueling work session.


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