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Tips For Clearing Land In Florida


The proposed VA clinic in Jacksonville will cover an estimated 173,500 square feet and will serve about 45,000 veterans, according to HC&O News. Within the next two years, a new healthcare center will open on Jacksonville’s Northside, close to River City Marketplace. Crews have already started clearing the lot, which will turn into an outpatient clinic offering primary care, imaging, mental healthcare, and a 30-bed residential rehab on site.

If you’re new to property development, you’re probably wondering what land clearing entails. Here are key preparations for building residential and commercial properties.

Understand Local Zoning Codes

Before clearing land for construction, understand what zoning laws entail to ensure that your lot is within the bounds of the region’s zoning ordinance. The last thing you want to experience is to clear land only to be notified by local authorities that doing so was illegal. Bear in mind, failure to abide by zoning laws results in legal implications and a lot of unnecessary expenses.

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Survey Your Lot

Once you’re clear about zoning, evaluate your land. Check if the landscape matches your property design. This step helps you determine if the terrain is accessible and which trees, rocks, and bushes should go. The reason for removing large rocks, stumps, bushes, and unwanted trees on your lot is to pave the way for builders to lay a foundation for building without difficulty. While the tree removal process sounds easy, it’s not. You’ll need to consult town planners and have your request to clear land approved to avoid fines for cutting trees illegally.

Establish A Budget

Like any other project, you’ll need a budget for clearing your construction site. To ensure you create a realistic budget, find out the cost of clearing the property of trees and brush in Florida. Knowing how much you’ll spend on land clearance makes finding contractors straightforward. For this reason, you’ll want to know how much contractors charge to remove trees, rocks, and bushes per acre.

Most service providers include the cost of equipment and labor in their quotes. So, be sure to review price quotations carefully and settle for a contractor that offers reasonable rates for quality work.

Search For Professionals

Hiring a reputable land clearing contractor is vital if you want your site cleared within a set deadline and budget. With this in mind, look for contractors with an outstanding reputation. Ensure your contractor holds the required work permits and insurance. That way, you’ll be sure you’re working with a professional who understands the proper tree removal laws.

Land clearance is critical in the property development process. It entails removing obstacles like tree stumps, overgrown roots, unwanted trees and rocks from the construction lot. To ensure land clearing runs smoothly, stick to zoning laws, set a budget, and hire the right contractors.