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Three Amazing Cities to Visit in Europe


If you’re thinking about vacation ideas then Europe is one place you should consider. You will discover history, culture, nightlife, and people that have very different takes on life to what you may have encountered before. Depending on where your roots hail from, you may want to get a flavor of home.

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Where to go? Here are some ideas.



The Netherlands capital city Amsterdam is known for everything. From far-reaching and beautiful canals, world-class museums featuring works from artistic masters such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer the city offers the delightful, the tantalizing, and indeed the historic.

The harrowing and tragic story of Anne Frank is relieved at the Anne Frank museum, while the Rijksmuseum is a fascinating education on the Netherlands and the Dutch Empire.

The cities 17th-century legacy can be seen in the older parts of the city while Damm Square, the famous Red Light District and coffee shops show a different side. Amsterdam is simply mesmerizing.



Paris needs no introduction. It is the city of romance and one of the greatest cities on the planet. The iconic landmarks such as the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral give an enlightening, fascinating, and captivating experience while the Eiffel Tower offers a view you will never forget.

One stroll along the Seine River and it will become apparent why the city is known for unforgettable romance.

Aside from the iconic landmarks Paris, France is known for having the best cuisine on the planet. Make sure you try some French delicacies as no visit to Paris is complete without this most excellent dining experience.

You can easily lose yourself in Paris exploring its many faces. The shopping is exquisite, and a walk through the older parts of the city will make you feel like you’re walking back in time.


The Colosseum in Rome

Italy’s capital city is a place of wonder and culture. The city is a haunting experience and offers one of the most historic and cultural trips you could ever have. Visiting iconic landmarks such as the Roman Forum, Palatino and the Colosseum you begin to understand the might and power of the Roman Empire.

Immersing yourself in the art of Michelangelo and Bernini at St Peter’s Basilica is a life-enriching experience as is the City State of the Vatican City which houses the 4th-century church. This is an enchanting experience and one that has all the more meaning if you are of Roman Catholic Faith.

It is not just the spiritual and the historic that makes Rome one of the greatest cities in the world. A walk along the Tiber river and through Rome’s historic streets have a truly magical quality that you will want to revisit again and again.

Europe has some brilliant places to see. Each one offers a unique experience that has inspired poets, thinkers, artists, and musicians.