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This is How Queen Elizabeth is Keeping Cool During A London Heatwave (Video)


The US isn’t the only place suffering from a heatwave, so is England where the temperature in London is expected to reach into the low 100’s. So how does Queen Elizabeth keep her cool? Susana Victoria Perez tells us:

While most of us can’t reasonably describe our homes as palatial, it appears that they might have at least one thing in common with Buckingham Palace: a woeful lack of air-conditioning.

Pictures snapped during Boris Johnson’s visit with the Queen on Wednesday show a Dyson fan tucked away in the corner. and especially eagle-eyed Royalists might have spotted that it’s the Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier Heater.

The model (which can be used as a heater in the winter as well as a fan), has advanced filtering technology designed to capture 99.95% of airborne allergens and pollutants, 350 degree oscillation and a dedicated night time mode. It’s easily controlled via a remote, or you can use it with your preferred voice assistant.

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With temperatures reaching a sweltering 37 degrees celsius (98.6 F) in London this week, we’re trying our hardest to find the best fan to beat the heat. If this offering is good enough for our longest-serving monarch, then well, we reckon it’s good enough for us.

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Video by Buzz60/Susana Victoria Perez