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This Influencer from Miami is Giving Face Masks for Free

The Novel Coronavirus has impacted our society in more ways than any recent virus we have faced in the last 20 years. One of those is the introduction to facemasks becoming the new norm.

While everyone is scrambling to stock up on supplies and facemasks they have created a shortage throughout the country. This inspired a local Miami resident Patrick Van Negri to use his social platforms in a team effort with Glenis Fernandez and help bring masks to anybody who has yet to receive one.

Patrick Van Negri is a content creator who is known for his large social media following as well as partnerships with some of today’s biggest companies. Glenis Fernandez is the woman who is collaborating with Van Negri; she has vowed to make face masks for as many people as she can.

Fernandez is operating out of her home in Port St Lucie, Florida. Both Van Negri and Fernandez knew they could help a lot of people gain access to reusable face masks. So with Fernandez handling the facemasks and Van Negri handling the funding, packaging, processing, shipping, and spreading the message across his broad audience, the duo began giving away as many as they could.

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The process of getting these masks to your door begins with Glenis’ 1st prototype, to final production with Lilian, who jumped in to take it to another level. Once washed and detangled, the facemasks then begin the preparation process with Esther.

To ensure as many people can get access to the face masks as possible, Patrick has taken it upon himself to handle all fulfillment and delivery. By using his large platform as a tool to reach hundreds, anyone and everyone who needs a mask can go to his website, click the link, and within minutes have a resource in desperate need.

Patrick strongly urges you to visit his website if you and your entire family are still in need of reusable face masks. If you like the facemasks and they bring you and your family use, Patrick asks that you help spread the word by sharing your photos onto #GlenisPatrickMasks

Since they’ve started giving out free facemasks, Van Negri and Fernandez have received over 500 orders. Van Negri has set up a GoFundMe to continue to reach as many people as possible. With such overwhelming support from online communities, Van Negri and Fernandez plan tocontinue providing high-quality protective facemasks to everyone.