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Things You Should Never Ever Buy At The Airport (Video)

Neck pillows at airports have been touched and tried on by many travelers — and they're overpriced. (Image: Amazon)

Don’t spend more money on bad buys at the airport. Buzz60’s Sean Dowling has more.

Flying is expensive enough as it is without giving into pre-flight temptations. According to experts, your time waiting at the airport can quickly tack on extra costs to your trip if you spend money on certain things without thinking it through.

Wi-Fi, food, neck pillows and many other items are just not worth buying at the airport — for the good of your wallet and your health.

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These are the 15 things you should always avoid spending money on at the airport, according to travel experts.


If you’re reading this story on RD.com, (Readers Digest) you must be using the Internet, and if you’re anything like us, you probably sometimes feel fairly dependent on all that connectivity (Here are the signs you’re addicted to your smartphone). No judgment! However, just say no to paying for Wi-Fi in the airport.

“Airports take advantage of the fact that once you’re past those security gates, you’re a captive audience,” explains Coleman Collins, former full-time traveler and author of the forthcoming: “The Road Warrior: A Practical Guide to Maintaining Your Health, Productivity, and Sanity While Traveling for Work.” First off, the Wi-Fi is “slow and horrifically overpriced,” he points out. But more importantly, “travel provides the perfect forced Internet break.Your emails can wait!”


It’s always a good idea to eat a good meal before you fly to avoid getting sick on a plane, but whatever you do, don’t buy your food in the airport. “It’s almost universally overpriced, not very tasty, not very good for you, or some combination of the three,” Collins says. “Besides, most travelers eat at the airport solely as a way to kill time, and not because they’re actually hungry.”

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