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Things to do in Crab Island Destin Florida

Crab Island was once an island, but now it’s an underwater sandy and popular place to anchor your boat (rental or private). Crab Island is part beach, part swimming pool, part tailgate party. It’s really an experience you’ll rarely find outside of Destin, and something you should try.

Ranked as one of the top things to do in Destin, Crab Island is where locals go to relax and is a great place to visit when taking a vacation. It’s called the Island of the Crab or Kiribati because there are plenty of crabs patiently crawling on the seashore.  From here you may get to understand the island’s rich culture and natural resources. You may also get to enjoy and admire the spread of the island’s flora and fauna. You’ll also see a range of species that are treated well within the parkland. The park is just nature at its best.

Crab Island offers many possibilities for the traveling family. Many of the resorts offer multiple sparkling pools, areas for fishing with fishing experts, hopping from island to island, renting sun floats and inner tubes, renting kayaks, canoes and powerboats. This fun in the sun activities will keep your family busy for days! There are also boutiques and high-end shops to fill all your souvenir desires and golf courses aplenty for the golf lovers in the family.

What to do on Crab Island?

Crab Island Destin Florida is also a popular place for water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. Beneath these activities, however, lies the beauty of sea creatures found in this beautiful place. You will get to see dolphins and a variety of tropical fishes which are really colorful. Whale sharks are spotted at the bottom of the island in their natural habitat. When you are dealing with marine life, you can experience bird watching. The island is home to a wide species of birds, any bird lover will surely appreciate coming on holiday here. There are lots of colorful birds here, ranging from very small to larger birds like the eagle.

Rent a boat in Destin, Florida and explore the Crab Island

There are dozens of boat rental options available in Destin. Rent a boat in Destin and head to Crab Island in the morning or afternoon for half a day, relaxing on the water; just make sure you don’t forget to bring sunscreen and sunscreen!

Enjoy water sports on Crab Island

Bring your camera with you on your boat rental to click photos and save the memories of your family trip and water sports adventures. It’s a superb activity for families with kids, since boat captains are prepared with inflatable rafts, snorkeling gear, wakeboarding, and water skiing equipment, and other supplies to remain entertained while you cruise the Emerald Coast. If you want to get around fast, rent a jet ski in Destin, passing through the crowds on Crab Island and fly through the waves for a few hours.

Is there food out there?

Of course! There are floating restaurants offering chicken fingers, burgers, sandwiches, and more. Our all-time choice is the Reef Burger with the best cheeseburger we’ve ever eaten. You’ll also find steamed peanuts and ice cream boats racing around, so make sure to be on the lookout.