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Thermal Body Scanners: A Quick and Easy Way to Detect Body Temperature

Thermal body scanners are gradually gaining popularity owing to the usability they offer. The devices are equipped with advanced technology that facilitates gauging body temperature from a distance. These high tech thermal systems have lately proved to be a boon for the society which is under the grip of the highly contagious coronavirus.

Detecting Body Temperature Couldn’t Get Easier

Due to the growing number of coronavirus cases, it has become essential to keep a check on the medical condition of people traveling via public transport or entering public places. Though it is not possible to conduct a medical examination of each and every person, with the help of thermal body scanners the body temperature of a person can be detected in just a few seconds. The scanner just needs to be placed in front of a person’s eyes.

There is no need to disinfect or sanitize the device after use as it measures the temperature from a distance thereby eliminating the possibility of being infected. This makes the body temperature detection procedure quicker and simpler at a place where mass screening needs to be done.

Elevated body temperature is one of the symptoms of coronavirus. People with such conditions can be separated from the rest of the crowd to bar the chances of spreading the disease in case they are infected. The authorities must report such cases and send them for further medical examination.

The Parts that Constitute this Device

As you purchase an AI based thermal scanner such as Feevr, you get a package containing different parts that include an Android device, a thermal imaging camera, battery pack, scanner case and a tripod.

The device can be mounted on the tripod and fixed firmly at a place to facilitate scanning of people as they pass by. It can also work as a handheld device. A manual with instructions on how to use the thermal scanner also comes along as a part of the package.

Importance of Learning the Correct Use

It is important to learn the correct use of the thermal body scanner in order to get the desired results. The procedure is simple and can be learned quickly. It is also a good idea to read Feevr reviews as well as the reviews of various other thermal body scanners available in the market before opting for one. These reviews will help you make a better buying decision.

The use of thermal body scanners has become the need of the hour. These are being used at airports, train stations, malls and other public places.