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The Ultimate Vitamins Guide to Skin Care

You’ll hear all the time that you need to get plenty of vitamins in your diet. Most doctors will focus on your overall health, but your skin also needs plenty of vitamins. There are four main vitamins that you need to make sure your skin gets: A, B, C, and E.

Each vitamin has its benefit and offers its own help to the skin. Some people will need more of one type of vitamin than the others, depending on deficiencies that they have.

Here’s your ultimate guide to vitamins for skin care. Not only do we look at the benefits of each vitamin, but also how you can add them to your skin.

Vitamin A: The Anti-Aging Vitamin

Vitamin A is one that you will get the most from your diet. It’s found in both plant and animal form and is available in most multivitamins that you take. If you are pregnant, focus on the plant form more than the animal form.

When it comes to skincare, vitamin A is needed in the form of retinol. It’s a potent antioxidant that will help support the health, elasticity, and aging of the skin. If you suffer from a deficiency, it’s highly likely that your doctor will recommend the prescription form called retinoid.

Vitamin A is essential for the collagen production. Collagen is deep into the layers of the skin and helps to ensure the elasticity and youthful look to the skin. When you have good amounts of collagen, the skin will act like a rubber band. It stretches but will then draw back into its usual shape. When there isn’t enough collagen, the skin acts like an overstretched rubber band. It will stretch to the point of breaking, leaving tears and scarring in the middle and lower layers of your skin.

gut syndrome, or an inflammatory bowel disease you may find that your body struggles to absorb enough vitamin A. Talk to your doctor about ways of getting more into your body and improve the health of your skin and other organs.

Spinach, sweet potato, and carrots are among the best foods for vitamin A. You can eat them or add them to homemade skin care products to put on your skin.

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