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The Trends We’re Seeing With Crypto Currencies at Online Casinos


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world of online payments, with far-reaching benefits in a huge number of different industries. One of those industries that have seen an astounding increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies is online gambling. While the integration of these digital currencies is still in its infancy, we’re already seeing trends.

In this article, we’re going to list some of the bigger trends we’re seeing when it comes to online casinos that accept currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Casino Canada as well as what the future may hold.

More and more integration

The biggest trend anyone can notice is the simple fact that more and more online casinos are starting to work cryptocurrencies into their payment options. The number of these casinos is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. 

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Some of the bigger casinos are even bypassing the crypto exchanges and are allowing players to directly buy their cryptocurrencies directly from them. This wide adaptation is opening up the wide, wonderful world of online casinos to more and more players. 

Provably fair games

One of the biggest developments to not just come out of online casinos that accept cryptocurrency but the blockchain itself is the invention of provably fair games. Using the technology of the blockchain, casinos can create specific games that are 100% transparent in their fairness.

These games are known as provably fair and have become a huge hit with gamblers. They can verify every single result of any game with this integration. This shows the casino has gone just that extra mile in proving that it is on the side of the gamblers, helping to build trust with its players.

These types of games are often exclusive to Bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos, including fun games such as Crash, different dice games, Plinko, Mines, Towers and more. This catalog of games is only set to increase as more and more game developers learn how to integrate blockchain technology. 

More accessibility

A vast majority of players at online casinos like to enjoy their gaming on the go, playing on their mobile phones whilst they have spare pockets of time. This ease of accessibility is one of the main reasons why they enjoy playing in online casinos – they don’t need to be sitting at their computers to enjoy some of their most loved games.

We’re seeing the rise in casinos offering super quick crypto payments on mobile devices. It wasn’t long ago that crypto payments were incredibly clunky and inconvenient. New payment integrations in casinos allow for almost instantaneous deposits and withdrawals to your wallet, right from your phone. 

Increased safety and security

A huge benefit to using cryptocurrency is the safety aspect of it. Users are anonymous and risk zero of their personal financial information when they use it for a transaction. Every transaction is also recorded on the Blockchain so it can be verified and checked at a later date if needed.

These measures help put any gambler’s mind at peace when it comes to staying financially safe when gambling. The safety of using cryptocurrencies online topped with the on-site security of the casino site, such as encryption and 2FA, is ensuring gamblers are kept as safe as possible.

New forms of gamification

Online casinos use different aspects of gamification to keep players entertained and add a unique aspect to their brand. These rewards come in all shapes and sizes, varying between casinos.

Blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies allow for even more features to be added to the different rewards gamblers can get through gamification. From offering things such as Bitcoin or Litecoin as a reward to access to unique games, the new rewards ensure players are kept happy and keep coming back to play.

New communities are emerging

Finally, whole new groups of people are combining to make new communities around the crypto-gambling space. From seasoned crypto experts just getting into casino games to gambling pros learning about cryptocurrencies, these people are joining in on the conversation, making friends and learning things in the process!