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The “Teeth in a Day Method” Get the Confident Smile of Your Dreams in Just One Day


If you have ever been insecure about your smile not being perfect enough or if you have ever dealt with falling or missing teeth and you’ve done some research on the latest methods to fix these issues, you might have come across or read about the “Teeth in a Day” procedure or the “All On Four” method. These are two similar and very popular procedures to replace missing teeth.

Teeth implants, in general, are becoming more and more popular, but now, more clients are now asking for these effective and quick treatments specifically.

But what are exactly the “Teeth in a Day” or the “All On Four” procedures?  What makes them so popular? And are the results as quick as the names suggest? Keep reading for more information on the topic.

Are these two methods the same thing?

First things first, many people use both terms “All On Four” and “Teeth in a Day” interchangeably, however, the two methods even though similar are not identical. They are not quite the same treatment, even though they both use similar techniques and are usually recommended for the same category of patients.

The “All on four” method as the name suggests, is basically using only four dental implants in order to restore a full arch of teeth. The “All on Four” teeth implant procedure is also known as “Same Day Teeth”, it provides the patient a replacement for a full set of missing teeth only with those four dental implants, and the procedure, like the name suggests that does not take any longer than one day.

The “Teeth in a Day” procedure works according to the same concept, this technique however is based on maximizing the use of your natural jaw bone. The dental implants are located by the dentist and implanted for an optimal result in those areas where the jaw bone is the strongest and thickest.

Both methods are recommended for patients suffering from bad and rotten or decayed teeth. These get removed and the dental implants are placed and fit in all in just one day.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Now that you know more about both of these teeth replacement methods, you might be asking yourself whether are you a proper candidate for any of them and to whom is this treatment most suitable?

Usually, most adults with compromised teeth can largely benefit from both procedures. The treatment has been designed to treat individuals who have already started losing some of their teeth or will risk losing them soon.

How exactly does the procedure proceed?

The mere idea of supporting a full set of teeth with just the insertion of four dental implants is very interesting and minimalistic in nature yet quite effective. However, on some occasions, the four dental implants end up not being enough to provide sufficient support for the complete arch of teeth, which is though very uncommon.

Usually, patients go to a certified surgical dentistry practitioner’s office, and for the “All on four” procedure, two dental implants are inserted at the front of the mouth, first and then and the additional two get inserted at the sides.

These are usually a bit longer and tilted backward making them have maximum contact with the jawbone and providing better stability.

The major benefits of this treatment

The major benefit of the procedure is time effectiveness. It is a very quick procedure which makes it optimal for people who are dreaming of that complete, fast makeover. The one-day time span also makes it a lot less probable for the implants to move or gets dislodged.

Both procedures are great treatment options for people who have suffered from teeth-falling issues, jaw bone loss or periodontal disease issues.

Does the treatment really take only one day?

The short answer is: yes, it does. The complete process takes just one day. Patients go into the doctor’s office, only to come out of it, at the end of the day with a brand-new set of teeth and a confident smile. However, most of the actual time is taken while the dentist labs are creating and customizing the implants for the patients. Moreover, after the procedure is done, it takes around four to six months for the patient’s gums to heal completely.

What about the cost?

Many factors affect might affect the price range. Notably, the material of choice that is selected to create the teeth implants, and all of the tests and diagnosis that are required prior to the procedure.

Your location, the medical dentistry office in which you choose to get the procedure done, and the certified professional that does it for you also are all factors that are going to have an impact on the overall price.

The aftercare of these procedures

After getting teeth replacement treatments, regular visits back to the dentist’s office are required to fully follow your healing progress and to carry out proper buccal hygiene and maintenance for the first four to six months. After that period of time, the gums will be completely healed and only one annual check-up visit to the dentist’s office is suggested.