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The Quadh2o: Watch This Waterproof Drone In Action

We have liftoff! (Bill Welch)

For most of us pilots, the minute the rains move in – the drone must land and be packed away. We walk away with a sad face and proudly proclaim, “I’ll be back when this blows over!”. Only then do you realize the rain sticks around for a few hours and then it’s too dark to fly. Better luck, tomorrow. Sigh.

The QuadH2O drone gives you second life, however. The QuadH2O is a waterproof drone that allows you to ‘stick it out’ in the rain if you so desire thanks to it’s protected body and gimbal. According to the manufacturer, the QuadH2O is has a lightweight, watertight and extremely strong frame, and is one of few drones on the market that’s a robust multi-rotor that you can confidently fly over water.

So how does this thing work? We had our very own ‘Copter Bill’ Welch show us how he uses his QuadH2O – which he’s had for about three years. He loves the fact it takes off and lands in the water. Bill will show you some of the QuadH2O’s best and uniques features while on the shores of Florida. Enjoy!

QuadH2O a waterproof drone built for speed and safety over water

This specific model is designed to carry a GoPro and FPV setup allowing the pilot to capture amazing aerial footage over land and water. It’s built for speed and agility. So if you’re trying to capture speed boats, jet skis or other water vehicles, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping up. It carries a GoPro cameras as well as another on-board camera to give you FPV of similar to what the GoPro is recording.

By Staff, FullDrone, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com May 19, 2016