The Power And Pain Of Love In McKeever’s Daniel’s Husband

Partners Antonio Amadeo and Alex Alvarez try to cope with judgments of mother Laura Turnbull in Daniel’s Husband (Photo by Robert Figueroa)

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to SouthFloridaReporter, June 7, 2015 – No matter how serendipitously topical as it sounds, Daniel’s Husband is not so much about gay marriage, or marriage in general, or spousal health provider rights, or troubled childhoods or baggage-laden parental relations, all of which it certainly encompasses.

Michael McKeever’s world premiere play at Island City Stage is an indelible and inarguable exhibit that love between human beings is unquantifiably precious and inarguably valid — regardless of sexuality.

This powerful production affirms proudly that love must be valued by all humanity as being worthy of not simply societal recognition, but honor and veneration. Indeed, the play’s effectiveness is rooted in the universality of seeing those in love contending with extreme situations.

The injustice of homosexuals being denied the same legal rights as heterosexual couples may be a hot button issue at the moment, but it is not a ground-breaking revelation in 2015. What McKeever, director Andy Rogow and a superb cast working at the considerable top of their game accomplish is make flesh before us the incontrovertibly wrenching emotional tableau in which love might not trump all.