The Most Popular Topics for Research Papers and How to Choose a Topic in 2019?


Trying to get a topic for your research paper can be frustrating and complicated. You may get a general topic that will be based on your assignment. However, you are required to think about the many aspects of the topic you select. This article offers you the tips you need and highlight some of the most popular stories that students used in 2018 for their research papers.

Choose what you are interested in

When choosing popular stories to write about, PapersOwl writers will tell you that it is much easier to find information on topics that are interesting to you. Even if a theme is too technical, the fact that you are interested in it will guarantee that you find ways to make it interesting for an audience.

If a paper lacks in other ways, it is possible for a student to score an A because they have shown enthusiasm in what they are writing about. When you find a subject you like, you need to make sure that there is enough information for you to write about. Do your research and brainstorm ideas on it before you write anything.

Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about

Never select a title that you are clueless about.  It will make it much easier for you to include your thoughts and opinions about the subject. These are unique traits that are loved by the readers. They need to know something other than the statistical facts you present. Apart from the data and facts, what is your opinion? How does the issue affect day-to-day livelihoods? It also means that you will complete your paper faster because you will spend less time on research.

Make the topic manageable

Never write on a topic that is too broad. Always consider what you can really dive deep into with the topic and explore. It will be easier to prove the point in a smaller amount of space that fills up with more precision and valor. With just 5- 20 pages to write, it is better to cover a smaller subsection of the subject and do it justice than to cover the bigger subject and not give all the relevant information.

Once you find the title, remember that your first idea is probably too wide, narrow it down and keep refining it until it is manageable. The refining depends on the number of words to be written.

Find an interesting twist to the topic

If you are writing on a topic that has already been covered by other people, you do not have to take the same approach as everyone else. With an interesting twist, your writing can be impressive and may change the view that people have for you. Find a reasonable topic to cover and find interesting approaches to it that change the way your audience has perceived the topic in the past. Even the simplest topics can be written uniquely, so it gives you the points you need for success.

Most popular research paper topics in 2018
  • What is the role of placebo treatment in medicine?
  • How do we avoid animal testing
  • How does kid obesity affect their health in adulthood
  • Is becoming a vegetarian important to the health of your child?
  • Do college graduates make more money at work?
  • Should education be cheaper?
  • Are metal detectors necessary in schools
  • Can overpopulation be managed?
  • How to recycle papers and save trees
  • How dangerous are GMO foods?