Home Video The Markle Effect Makes These Sneakers The ‘World’s Hottest Shoe” (Video)

The Markle Effect Makes These Sneakers The ‘World’s Hottest Shoe” (Video)

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If Meghan Markle wears it, people want to wear it too. Keri Lumm shares the shoe that is now the ‘world’s hottest’ thanks to her.

In the past year alone, Meghan Markle has quickly become one of the world’s most influential style icons. Time and time again, brands have seen their visibility and sales spike after the duchess wears something they made — a phenomenon commonly known as the “Meghan effect.”

The recent surge in popularity of ethical sneaker brand Veja is the latest illustration of Markle’s impact on fashion, according to a new report from global fashion search platform Lyst.

The company recently released its Lyst Index for the last four months of 2018, which ranks fashion’s “hottest brands and products” based on an analysis of more than five million shoppers on its platform. Lyst’s formula also takes into account social-media mentions, page views, interactions, and sales across thousands of online retailers.

According to Lyst’s report, Veja’s V10 sneakers were the third “hottest” product in women’s fashion. While several celebrities rocked the sustainably made shoe in 2018, online searches for the brand increased by 113% the day after Markle wore the V10 sneakers on October 21, 2018.