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Victoria’s Secret “Who’s Sexy?” List Is Out – You Agree?

Sexy Victoria's Secret
Jennifer Lopez - Forever Sexy (en.wikipedia.org)

Victoria’s Secret compiled its picks of the fiercest and most inspiring women in Hollywood. From Sexiest Actress to Sexiest Mogul, the women who made the highly-anticipated list are all sexy, bold, and powerful.

Take a look. Agree?

Forever Sexy: Jennifer Lopez

Sexiest Actress: Kerry Washington

Sexiest Songstress: Demi Lovato

Sexiest Style Risk-Taker: Kylie Jenner

Sexiest Legs: Julianne Hough

Sexiest Bikini Babe: Hailey Baldwin

Sexiest Smile: Maria Menounos

Sexiest Eyes: Priyanka Chopra

Sexiest Lips: Ellie Goulding

Sexiest International Import: Alicia Vikander

Sexiest Sense of Humor: Rashida Jones

Sexiest Red-Carpet Look: Selena Gomez

Sexiest Mogul: Sofia Vergara

Sexiest Music Tour: Taylor Swift – 1989

Sexiest TV Cast: Quantico

Sexiest Athlete: Alex Morgan

Sexiest Furry Friend: Pippa

Sexiest U.S City: Nashville

Sexiest International City: Paris

To complete the 2016 list, Victoria’s Secret asked fans via Twitter for their Sexiest Social Star picks. This year’s Fan Vote Category Winners, include:

Sexiest Fitness Star: Hannah Bronfman, HBFIT.com
Sexiest Beauty Star: Zoe Sugg, YouTube: Zoella
Sexiest Fashion Star: Sonya Esman, ClassIsInternal.com

The full 2016 What Is Sexy List

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