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The Importance of Having a Good Credit Rating to Get Better Deals

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Before you apply for a car loan, you need to be aware of a number of things. The first is that you will not be looking around showrooms with a wad of cash in your pocket ready to buy any car that takes your fancy. A car loan is specific to an individual car so you need to know the details of the car before you apply.

The second is that a good credit rating is needed for a car loan. Therefore, checking your credit rating is essential for getting an idea of how your potential lenders are likely to perceive you as a new customer.

Many people are of the view that no matter what car shoppers do, they just cannot have a credit rating good enough to get the lowest-interest car loans. However, this is not true. In fact, surveys have found that more than half of new car loans were given to people with an exceptional credit rating. It is important to know where you stand so that you can recognize when you are being offered a good deal.

Benefits of Having a Good Credit Rating

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It is true that a good credit score will go a long way towards finding a cheaper auto loan, but the benefits don’t stop here. Your credit score will help you get better deals in many other cases. For instance:

You will be able to get the finest credit card deals and enjoy such bonuses as payment breaks or free from interest months. Good credit history will also play a role in getting your low-interest credit card deals with cashback rewards and discounts on various products and services. As you get a low-interest card, you will feel comfortable using it more often, and when you make payments in a timely manner, you’ll continue to improve your credit score.

You will be in a better position to find an apartment. Your landlord considers your credit score to judge your financial trustworthiness, and if it is good, you will find it easier to find a new rented home. Some landlords even consider lowering the rent knowing that you have already proven yourself to be a good payer.  Having a low credit rating could mean having to pay a higher security deposit and even find a co-signer on the lease to guarantee payments.

Gaining such benefits makes life a little easier because you have demonstrated you know how to pay your way. Therefore, it makes sense to find out your current credit score and then take steps to improve it.

There is nothing wrong with using credit as long as you manage the debt efficiently paying what you owe on time. If you are just about managing to pay on time, there’s a need to keep a close eye on your whole budget and when things start to turn nasty, seek help. Heading into unmanageable debt has been compared to watching a steam train barreling towards you in slow motion. It is going to hurt. Prevention is better than a cure.